4 Reasons Shock Collars Save Lives


Shock Collar training when your Pit Bull RunsThere are many ways to tame the outstanding energy and athleticism of the Pit Bull terrier. One of the most effective ways to do this would be exercise… I know. The end all-be all answer. In my pups earlier years it seemed like no matter how much exercise he’d get, when he spotted a deer or a bunny, he was off to the races.

Whether it was dark or the sun was up. So when you’re matched with the untamable energy of the Pit Bull, you might get a little frustrated keeping your Pit on your property. This isn’t saying they’re aggressively attacking something, just that they chase animals as much as any other dog might.

So if you find yourself in between a rock and a hard place, here’s the solution. In my dogs day, ┬áhe would chase after anything that moved. This was a nonstop thing until I purchased a shock collar. I only condone the use of a shock collar when the owner is willing to try it out on themselves first so they at least know what they’re doing to the dog. (Fun fact: it’s not really shocking the dog, it’s just a small vibration).

1. Protects your Pit Bull from getting hit by a car

Depending on where you live, chances are there will be cars around the corner. So if your Pit Bull is on the loose chasing the wild squirrel across the street, you have the ability to use the shock collar to prevent your dog from being hit by another car.

2. Protects your Pit Bull from getting into fights with other dogs

Often when dogs attack each other they’re gonna standoff next to each other with an indirect stance. They’ll standoff for a few seconds before anything happens. If you had the power to stop your dog before they get that far, wouldn’t you rather your dog have a little discomfort versus being in a potential fatal situation?

3. Protects your Pit Bull from getting into attacks with humans

Usually when a dog (not just Pit Bulls) chases something, they’ll only attack it if the person runs; tenses up, freaks out, etc. So once again you’re faced with a decision whether or not the shock collar is the lesser of two evils…

4. The ultimate boundary trainer

If you’re the person who’s sick of chasing your energizer bunny of a Pit Bull around the neighborhood, you’re looking at the most effective product on the market to make sure your Pit Bull never runs away again. Your dog can get into a numerous amount of situations if they’re not in the protection of your yard.


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