4 Tips to Fight Pit Bull Haters

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Don’t Stress out debating Pit Bulls, although I can’t say I never have…

Fight Pit Bull haters mentally, not physically of course! We all know the issues that surround the Pit Bull in society. They’re inbred, mass produced, fought, and left to die every day… This is not delusion, this is reality. Yet, people walk around every day hating the Pit Bull breeds for something completely out of their control.

More times than not, people will never listen to reason when they have their mind set on one thing. So when people hate Pit Bulls it’s usually to a few fatal attacks they heard about on the news, when they’ve never spent an inch of time looking into the causes of the attacks. Point is, you can’t convince everyone, and you shouldn’t have to. But the more informed you are, the better you can make your case when in a room of people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

Here’s a short list of topics to bring up if you’re in this situation (no specific order):

1. Pit Bulls used to be loved by Americans.

In World War 1, there are Pit Bull posters to represent USA in the war. Life Magazine would put them on their covers (the most times any breed of dog appeared on their cover).  Petey was a Pit Bull on the little rascals with an entire cast of children, and it wasn’t just one dog. At least 3 Pit Bulls played the original dog Petey (not just one good seed).

2. Pit Bulls pass a human aggressiveness test more than Golden Retrievers/Beagles/Collies, etc.

The American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) has a test you can give your dog to see if it will pass as a good citizen. Your dog is put through a series of tests to measure how aggressive they are to humans, what sets them off, and their overall temperament. The American Pit Bull Terrier passed 82.6% of the time. This beats out the Golden Retriever, Beagle, and Border Collie. In fact, the average passing percent of all other recorded breeds (by the ATTS) is set at about 77%. So Pit Bulls are naturally less human aggressive than most other breeds.

3. They may ask, “Then why are there fatal attacks?”

The stats are on your side, but don’t rely on them. Most people don’t change viewpoints until they understand the full hardships of a situation. So now people might deny the stats, but if the picture comes together for them, they might understand. Pit Bulls are the victim of greedy criminals, plain and simple. As I stated at the beginning of the article, “They’re inbred, mass produced, fought, and left to die every day… This is not delusion, this is reality.”

Picture this. A man has two Pit Bulls; he bought them from street breeders. He thinks, “If I breed these two Pits, I’ll make 400 a puppy.” If he gets 8 healthy pups, he’ll make 3,200 dollars. If he doesn’t sell them to families, he can sell them to dog fighting rings as training dogs for the real fighters.

Now imagine when he gets those pups, do you think he’s going to sell them all to great families in an already overcrowded Pit Bull area? No. So what will he do with them? He’ll get rid of them. Either by killing them or releasing them into the wild (if he can’t give them to fighting rings). Now you have a couple wild Pit Bulls going into the mean streets of Detroit. This process happens over and over again.

If you think this doesn’t happen all the time, think again because I’ve seen it.  In cities like Detroit where you have tens of thousands of wild Pit Bulls running around (that have been mentally and physically destroyed); it’s amazing there aren’t more fatal attacks.

Now paint the grand picture for them. In Detroit alone there are tens of thousands of wild Pit Bulls, not included in family homes. Yet in 2013 there were only 24 fatal attacks nationwide? The stress on this breed in Detroit alone should result in many more fatal attacks, however the Pit Bulls are not attacking humans as much as you’d expect. Now… there are over 5 million Pit Bulls in the United States, and 24 killings… The Pit Bull is put through the ringer and still isn’t as dangerous as falling coconuts…

4. If at this point you’ve managed to convince them the breed isn’t that bad:

They may ask “What can we do?” “Even if you have all these answers, what can you or I do to change what society is doing to the dog?” With any society flaw, the key is to spread awareness. You have to build momentum. So when the time comes to pass legislation to ban Pit Bulls, you may have built momentum in the general public to speak against bans or mistreatment of Pit Bulls and any breed for that matter.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


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  1. Sarah Richards on

    Pitbulls should not be punished for the actions and lack of by their owners. I rescued an adult pitbulls 4+ years ago, in fact as I am soon turning 50 I have rescued the 3 dogs I have had as an adult. The most aggressive dog was the yellow lab I had for 7 years. I could never trust her with children under 7 or 8 and had to provide close supervision for anyone coming to the home. I brought my pitbulls to the vet the day I picked him up and the vet said this dog will murder your 5 & 7 yr old children. Mr.J my pit has shown nothing but love, compassion, and PROTECTION toward the children. I am a responsible owner and very familiar with dogs and their temperament. I trained Mr. J and ensured he knew his place in the home. He is loved and respected but he is at the bottom of the pecking order, and he responds well to this clear approach. I have encountered much ignorance and hate for this breed by people who have never had any interaction with this breed directly or indirectly. The only time Mr. J may give a person some real trouble is if they entered our property with intent to harm one of us ….then I would say it would end badly for that person. So all you haters know what your talking about before being a blow hard!

  2. I agree with LOL… Very weak OPINIONS. Even the vice president of rspca said pitbulls are a “menace to society” . Fun FACT: 32 human deaths from dogs in 2013. 25 of them from pitbulls. California had five death’s that year. All 100% pitbull. That’s a LOT for a dog population of only 6%.

    • Of course a powerful dog breed is going to account for more deaths, especially when that breed is overbred to the point of inbred unbalanced characteristics… You’re finding thousands of Pits being put to sleep every day, because so many are being born and left unattended to each day.

  3. Are you kidding? These is the amazingly weak arguments! This is all you have? The stats are OVERWHELMINGLY against what you’re saying its not even funny. You are welcome to your own opinions but not your own facts. A tiny percentage of these dogs make up the majority of the attacks and fatalities in the US, this is NOT in dispute, even by the Humane Society.

    Why should the public be at risk because some Joe Blow decided not to train or worse yet, abuse his pit bulls? Happens all the time. They need to be regulated, licensed with REQUIRED training, and/or euthanized. Why not the requirement for other dogs? Because Its behavior is proved to be erratic and when that happens, its like having a saber toothed tiger for a pet with all the damage it can do. No other dogs can do the damage these pits do as FREQUENTLY as they do. Period.

    • wait until you see your innocent dog being killed by a pit bull in front of you and your child
      you’ll hate them too. good thing it was not my child, my dog was protecting
      pitbulls are banned in many countries and US states, they are killers no one has any business owning one, you pitbull idiots are really abusive to your own so called pet by insisting they are so good then you put them in a hostile environment open your eyes, meet people who’s children (infants) have been mauled by a pitbull and others whos pets were torn out of their arms and killed by a sweet pitbull. do everyone a favor, stoop breeding them get them spayed and neutered do not keep them as pets you put everyone in harms way.
      Other dogs are aggressive, but they do not attack and kill. Pit bulls attack to kill everytime. Other dog owners can calloff their dog, pit bullowners are afraid of their own dogs
      stop being so dam ignorant

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