5 Pit Bull Training Tips


1.  The number one thing is always Consistency.

You always have to be consistent, and is the most important aspect to training.  When there is no consistency, your Pit Bull may get confused.  For example, would you only show your kid how to tie his/her shoes once?

2.  Sometimes you’re too Impatient.

Your Pit Bull does not speak English, so it’s going to take time to learn certain things.  When you get frustrated, your Pit Bull will pick up on it, and get discouraged, unfocused, or even sad.  Everybody gets a little frustrated sometimes, so you have to take a break when that happens.  Patients will make training go a lot smoother.

3.  Making the training a Chore.

If you make the training boring, you’re wasting both your time and your dogs time.  This leads to unreliable training, and performance.  If the training is boring, you or your dog is going to enjoy the training.  When it’s fun, the dog loves it, and will react better to what is going on.  This will also build trust between you and your Pit Bull.

4.  Not having an Open mind.

Say you see a book in the store, and you think about how that would help your Pit Bull at training.  Say you buy this book and you take it home.  Using this book for a couple weeks, you realize it’s not working, so you decide it’s your Pit Bulls fault.  Some people use this as an excuse, or are lazy and do not want to take the time to train their dog.   You cannot do that, you have to be open minded to all kinds of training.  Dogs are just like humans, you have to find what works.

5.  Not Working with the dog.

If you force your dog to do things, it will only instill the commands through dominance.  Yes dominance is important, but if the dog can learn to stop jumping on people (like your family members) out of positive training, you will have a more reliable dog, who will more reliably listen to you, and other people who ask him to stop jumping, not by yelling.


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