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“QUOTE: Wrote the below content, which was the first page on the website when I was 15 (22 now). Kinda cool… Funny how the page I wrote nearly 7 years ago is still relevant. I’ll add more to this soon.

About my Pit Bulls


I myself have a Pit Bull. The bottom one is my puppy, Rocky who is 11 months old as of July 2009. The top dog, was my dog for 9 years, Max (passed away in January of 2009), and are some of the most well behaved dogs I’ve ever known. Rocky is an American Staffordshire Terrier, and Max was a American Staffordshire Terrier/German Shepherd mix. Neither of them have ever attacked a human.

My Motivation

This site was created to spread awareness about Pit Bulls to all the people who have been mislead by the media, into thinking negatively of the Pit Bull breeds. I’m also here for all of you who are looking for support about Pit Bulls on protecting your Pit Bulls, from the people out there who deny you the freedom of caring for one. We’ve let the people who mistreat these animals show us what bad they can do, we have to show the world that this breed isn’t destined to a death sentence.


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  1. American Pit Bull Terriers are not a breed that’s recommended for first-time dog owrnes.If you get this breed, please invest in a quality trainer to help you be the best owner for the dog, help the dog be the best dog for you, as well.Feeding schedules will differ. I know some people who free-feed their dogs, and others who give their dogs 2-3 meals a day.You’ll want a leash, collar, food/water bowls, dog crate *if you plan to crate train*, pet bed, chew toys, etc.Definitely research the breed first. I love APBTs, but I wouldn’t suggest them for everyone.

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