Barricaded Gunman’s Pit Bull Shot and Killed in Detroit


“Police blocked off access to Montrose Street at Vassar near 7 Mile and Greenfield on the city’s northwest side early on Friday, Feb. 4, 2011, as they tried to get a armed man holed up in a home to surrender.”

No humans were injured, but the man’s Pit Bull was shot and killed. The man held the police outside of his house for several hours, until SWAT swarmed in around 8:00 a.m. The Pit Bull was killed, because they feared he would leave the house.

“We didn’t want to put anybody in harm’s way,” said Detroit Police Inspector Don Johnson.

It’s a shame, people have a fear that the Pit Bull will get out, and hurt someone. In Detroit, this is a legit fear, unfortunately.  Take a look at the situation.  You’ve got this completely unstable guy, owning three Pit Bulls.  This guy was living one of two ways;

  1. Either he loved only those Pit Bulls to death, with a hate for society.
  2. Or he had no way of properly raising his Pit Bulls, also with a hate for society.

Either way, with the SWAT officials rolling in the house, they are not going to think, this guy, waving a gun around has spent the time to raise his Pit Bulls properly.  They are going to think the Pit Bull is just as insane as the man who raised them.

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