Choosing Food for Your Pit Bull


Choosing Food for Your Pit BullGiven the history of dogs and Pit Bulls alike, you would think they were meant to only eat meat. However they are omnivores just like us and benefit from both meat and plants. That advice is needed if you plan to use anything other then store bought dog foods. Moving on we can see the difference in types of dog food for your Pit Bull.

Dry Dog Foods
This contains about 10% moisture and is the most popular among types of dog foods. It is economically choice, and the healthiest (depending on brand) for your Pit Bull. However it is the least tasteful.

Semi-Moist Dog Foods 
This contains about 30% moisture and contain high levels of sugar, which is used as a preservative. These are ideal for traveling, and convenience, but are not meant for an optimal diet for your Pit Bull.


Canned Dog Foods
This contains about 75% moisture and is the tastiest of foods, but is expensive. You can expect bad breath if you plan on only feeding your Pit Bull canned food.

How to Introduce New Food to your Pit Bull

Being responsible.

You cannot just go to Wal-Mart and expect every brand to give your Pit Bull the nutrition they deserve. Thanks to the AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials), they have provided minimal guidelines, which will be posted on any bag of dog food that meets the requirements. However this does not mean all bags with an AAFCO label are equal. There will still be decisions to be made depending on your Pit Bull’s life style, weight, and even how much money you wish to spend on them.


Fifty Dollars for a 30 lb bag is not ideal for the average consumer. I personally have used Innova for the past couple of months and have noticed a great deal of difference in my dogs breath, and stool consistency. His stamina has remarkably extended. This is not to say Innova is the best brand, but comparing that to Ol’ Roy is like putting Ol’ Roy on steroids.


Buying Fresh Food!

When visiting a super market or PetSmart or Petco, etc., never buy bags that have defects. These can consist of holes, cobwebs, grease spots. Any of these will give you a quick insight as to how fresh the bag of food is. Dry food can lose nutrients as it sits, and the fats inside can begin to stink, effecting your Pit Bulls breath in the process. You could possibly jeopardize their health as well.

Never forget if you buy a 50 lb bag of new dog food and your Pit Bull has never tasted it before. They may like it at first but the taste may grow stale to them. They may refuse to eat after so much of the bag.

TIP: If you never show your Pit Bull how good human food is, you will never have problems feeding your Pit Bull.

Foods to Avoid!

  • Chicken, pork, lamb or fish bones. If swallowed whole the sharp ends of the bones can puncture a stomach or intestinal wall.
  • Any bone can be swallowed whole, can cause choking or intestinal blockage.
  • No cooked bones. They are more likely to split and break, which means more bad puncturing in the stomach.
  • Mineral supplements can be detrimental in many ways, ask a veterinarian before you attempt any home remedies.
  • Chocolate (of course), it contains theobromine, which is poisonous to dogs. If you didn’t know why before it’s the theobromine, tell your friends and family.
  • Onions, which can cause red blood cells to break down. This can cause serious illness in dogs that eat them.
  • Alcohol
Bloat is a serious condition, which is known to kill many dogs. Read more on bloat and how to prevent it in your Pit Bull.

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