Denver Councilman, Charlie Brown, Gets Threatening Note


Charlie Brown CouncilmanCouncilman, Charlie Brown gets threatened for his view on Pit Bulls.  He was supposed to meet on the Pit Boss TV show with Animal Planet.  When alternative weekly, Westword, wrote that Brown backed out of his interview with the show, Brown received his threatening letter.  Brown who has been against Pit Bulls, and supports the ban, which started in 1989, backed out for his fear of getting shot.  The result being, he gets a threatening letter.  Ironic, huh?

Quotes from letter:

“Your afraid because of what happened in Arizona and you should be.”

“ALL government officials should be aware of what comes with the job…”

I admire this guys passion, which we can see is very strong, but I think he’s going about this the wrong way. You gotta love that he’s for the cause, but I can’t support his actions.  It’s unfortunate Brown didn’t show up for the debate.  It is something I would love to see.  Brown probably figured he would get thrown with statistics, and they would bring out fun-loving Pit Bulls, or something.  I believe either way, Brown put himself in a sticky situation from even agreeing to be on Pit Boss.  If Brown did the interview, it would make the ban look ignorant, now that Brown has not done the interview he’s in a rough spot.  His house is currently being watched by officials, in fear of Browns life.  Backing out of the interview has seemed to put Brown in a position he didn’t want in the first place.  At this point, Brown should just do the interview.  Someone like Shorty could really put the Pit Bull “persona” into perspective for Brown.


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