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Your personal information is as confidential as you would like it to be. Upon signing up entering your name is optional, however a username is needed. Any personal information you enter will not leave our database. There aren’t any products sold directly on Defend Pit Bulls so no financial information will ever be needed directly on the website. Once you are linked to another website, any financial information entered is thereby the responsibility of that websites privacy policy.

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If you ever feel the need to stop receiving emails, or to be taken out of the database completely, there is an opt-out option on your emails. At the bottom of any email you receive from Defend Pit Bulls you have a link to click if you wish to stop receiving emails from us. If you would like to receive emails again, it’s as simple as putting your email into the subscription box on any page of the Defend Pit Bulls website.

Policy Changes:

Our Privacy Policy is not changed often, yet changes are not unheard of. If at any time we change our Privacy Policy you will receive an email assuming your email settings are to receive emails from us. If you have opted out of our email list, you are encouraged to check the privacy policy link on any page of the Defend Pit Bulls website. The privacy policy will be updated on the website if any changed are to be made. So if you opt out of our email list, we are not liable for any policy changes you are not aware of.


Cookies basically track your information as you browse the Internet. We use cookies as you browse. If you Google a way to chop onions, an advertisement on our website may show something relevant to onions. That is a basic example of cookies.  Your cookies will also be used to track your demographic, the time you were visiting the site, what operating system you were using, what browser, and how long you were on the website. Any of this information is only used to make the website better and more accessible to readers and customers. Again, no financial information is gathered from cookies on the Defend Pit Bulls website.

Uploaded images:

If you upload an image to the website or one of our social networks with intent to have the image used for the websites purposes, it will only be used for those purposes. These images (and purposes) will only be used in posts on the website to create more visual content for other readers.


Any advice or training on the Defend Pit Bulls website is to be used as a guide. Never under any circumstances put yourself, family, or any dog in a position where anyone is uncomfortable, especially the dog.