Dog Routine, Treadmill


Even though Pit Bull’s can be very muscular, they still have to take a routine slowly, when they start.  They are only dogs, not machines.

  • When you start them, try to get your dog to run for 10 minutes or if they have been doing it for a while have them do a 20 minute run.
  • Warm them up before you start.  You could walk them around the block, or just around the back yard.  Remember they must get a cool down session too, so once they are done running, you can walk them around the block again.  This will give them a warm up, a routine workout, and then a cool down.
  • If you rub their fur down, with your hands, or with gloves, it helps to keep the blood flowing and it will prevent them from getting cramps.
  • Never leave your dog on the treadmill alone.

Dog Routine

  • 5-10 minute warm-up routine
  • 10-20 minute run routine (depending on condition of stamina)
  • 5-10 minute cool down routine
  • 5 minutes of  rubbing the sides of their body, to prevent cramps.  (you do not want them suffering)

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