Dogs on a Treadmill: Types


You may have never heard of dogs on a treadmill, but they are out there and are very healthy.  There are two types of dog treadmill’s:

  • Electric Powered
  • Dog Powered

Dogs on a treadmill definitely offer more exercise for the dog, because he has to get going, and deal with the extra friction.  Also they are cheaper to buy. Dogs on a dog powered treadmill is about half the price, rather than it is to get a electric powered one.


Then there are two different type of surfaces for the treadmill:

  • Carpet


  • Carpet treadmills are usually preferred by Pit Bull owners.  They are easier to maintain, and the extra friction from the carpet, makes the dog have to work out harder.  The carpet is also quieter.  They should only start out at 5 minutes per workout.  It should only be a fast walk.  The carpet makes sessions shorter and quieter.


  •  Slate


  • The slate  run back hundreds of years ago, to do tasks that required turning power.  There is really no advantage to a Slate treadmill, plus not too many people even make them to this day.



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