Famous Pit Bull Owners


These are just a few famous people who have owned or own a Pit Bull.

  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Woodrow Wilson
  • General George Patton
  • Helen Keller
  • Jamie Foxx
  • Rachael Ray
  • Jon Stewart
  • Ken Howard
  • Jessica Biel
  • Jessica Alba
  • Pink

Since these people own or have owned Pit Bulls, we can learn from them, that not everyone hates Pit Bulls.  Take Theodore Roosevelt, for example, he was our president, but if you knew he had a Pit Bull, would you like him any less.  If you know who Jessica Alba, or Jessica Biel is, would you consider them wrong, for even considering owning a Pit Bull.  All I’m saying is, there must be someone in this list of famous people, that anyone of you look up too, whether you do or do not like Pit Bulls.  If you do enjoy Pit Bulls, then you learned something new, but if you do not, then maybe you have reconsidered it, due to the fact, that one of your favorite famous people have owned one.  It’s just something to think about, for all the negative viewers, of Pit Bulls.

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  1. theres also Vin Diesel who owns pits
    as for fuckwad vick hes not a famous former owner hes a scumbag fuckwad imfamous former
    there is diffrence

    • I’m pretty sure your intentions are hostile considering you named yourself “Vick-Tory”. However you are right, he is technically a famous Pit Bull owner, but he does not deserve the respect to be on this list. We can’t stay on Vick’s case forever, because it’s counter productive, but the idea of the list was to show the Positive Influential figures in history.

      • Thank You! Vick is far from earning a spot on the list. I can tell some things about him & his brother & it saddens me that he is still considered a role model. I am from Newport News, VA, both of my daughters went to school with him, my oldest graduated with him. Yes, he was an amazing football player, I was at almost all Warwick High games. He was great on the field, but once he left that field, as evidenced in later life, he was NO role model, nor was/is his brother. Their grandmother has always been a lovely lady & I feel for her. When people hold him up as a good example because he no longer fights dog, I have to ask them…what do you think he would be doing had he not been caught & arrested? He did not stop fighting them because of his love for these gems, he is afraid to go back to prison, plain & simple.
        I adore my Pit Bull. I have started an awareness program called Pit Bulls, Lovers NOT Fighters. Our aim is to show people how wonderful this breed is & how training & socialization is needed. I want people to stop judging them based on what the media says, because frankly, most of the time, the media zeros in a this breed. I also have a Lab/Chow, so I am able to let people see that all breeds can get along & make loving companions as long as they have the right owner. So far, everyone has walked away saying things like, I never thought I would touch a Pit Bull, much less allow one to kiss me all over. Thank you for your work in this area!

    • micheal vick doesnt deserve to be mention on this. He had pit bulls but the mother fucker had pit bull fights for money dumbass!

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