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Denver, one of the well known Pit Bull bans, has had a lot of buzz lately concerning lifting the ban.  Since 1989, responsible Pit Bull owners have had to deal with the fact, that the breed they love is unobtainable.  This ban is well known for the attack On May 8, 1989. 59-year old Rev. Wilbur Billingsley of Denver was attacked by a Pit Bull in the alley behind his home. The victim suffered serious injuries with over 70 bites and two broken legs. His neighbor, Normal Cable, stopped the assault by firing a shotgun at the dog.

I would just like to say, looking at the circumstances, there is no excuse for this attack, and the dog never should have been allowed out of his property, especially in a place where people walking in dark alleys will look threatening. If a dog is in a threatening situation, they are going to react one way or the other. This could have all been prevented if the Pit Bull was confined to his property.

The event was sponsored by Any Given Breed, which supports Pit Bulls, obviously. Rachelle Richardson and Nick Dickson co-founded Any Given Breed, which is seeking to overturn Denver’s Pit Bull ban. Attendance at Saturday’s event required a $10 donation. The evening included music from 10 bands and free food.

The literature displayed at Saturday’s event included a poem that read:

“There is no creature on this earth
Who will ever make you merrier.
The animal I do speak of
It’s the American Pit Bull Terrier.”

Christopher N. Osher

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  1. Very good information.Lucky me I discovered your website by chance (stumbleupon).
    I hawve bookmarked it forr later!

  2. Nicole Shirley on

    My family member had a pit bull in denver but droped him off here in colorado springs whene ever they cheaked his house.

  3. Gunslinger you are probably the fattest d#*k licking fa# ive ever read comments from. They should round up homos like you and youthanize them this country would be much better off. Go back to your moms basement and get informed.

  4. This subject makes me sick. I think irresponsible owners should be rounded up and youthanized along with all the bleeding hearts that help put this ban in place. This is a perfect example of liberal laws! Keep voting in these democrats and you will lose all your rights! Gotta love the McDonalds generation.

  5. Its the peoples fault! People arent any better than the dogs! Pitbulls are actually family dogs btw! An attack by a dog cood have happened eithin any breed! Punish the deed not the brees! Dont be so ignorant! Denver is clearly a racist city! You might as well ban people cuz they attack, ban birds because they fly in front of your car and distracts driving! Ban water becuz it cood be dirty. Give me a break, seriously, denvrr is a joke! Cant you see its all the peoples fault, so yeah you shood just ban humans too you dumb small minded fu**s!

  6. @Gunslinger-Facts are scary, Im sure. For example, around 10 people are killed every year in the US by dogs. Yup 10, maybe 12, but thats still pretty damn close. Of those, if 56% are killed by “pits” thats still only what, 5? Im not good at math either. How many people die from gunshots in the US every year? 25k ish. Cigarettes? 400k (Thats a 4 with 5 zoroes following it in case you dont know) Yup, banning dogs is the right thing to do. Even if the stats are accurate which is very doubtful (can YOU identify a “pitbull” accurately?) pits kill far fewer people than even vaccines, which are mandatory by the way. Its ludicrous to even think that this will accomplish anything. You, and people like you, are reactionary morons.First it was shepherds, then rots, then dobermans, now pits. I cant wait til we get to those damn Labrador retrievers, bane of society that they are. Rock on, stupid, have fun in Denver.

    • Didn’t the state of MA. do the same thing in Salem a couple hundred years ago, But they thought all Pitbulls were witches. They still talk about it today. And how wrong they were.

  7. Many states are considering laws banning Pitbulls–thank God! I do not know what Pitbulls are, but they sure are not pets nor are they meant to be. 56% of all attacks come from Pitbulls and it does not matter what kind of environment they are raised in. It is an animal that does not need to be in the dog kingdom. We have so many breeds to pick from, why pick an animal with proven genetic hostility? When they explode, and they will (56%) they are more vicious and dangerous than any other dog. Too bad some people don’t have the ability to understand that.

    • you obviously have never owned a pitbull. I rescued one from an abusive home 6 years ago and have never regreted it. This dog is the smartest breed ive ever raised. And it does depend on the environment they were raised in, dont be ignorant.

    • lovemypittybaby on

      thanks for the stat ‘gunslinger’. 56%, according to what? did you know that 92% of all recorded pitbull attacks are female pitbulls responding to someone tormenting their puppies? you are obviously uneducated and simply hateful toward a breed. i have a 12 year old pitbull and in his entire life, i have never witnessed him take an aggressive attitude toward another human or animal. perhaps you should place yourself in an environment where a loving animal wants to be your friend. and did you also know the average pitbull has 92lbs/sq” in their jaw. the average human has 120. do you walk down the street scared that every human you see is going to viciously attack you? it’s is people like you that hold the world back. go back to polishing your ‘guns’

    • Taylor Smiff on

      I think that its the peoples fault pitbulls are aggrisive. the reason why is because people will abuse them and even put stuff like gun powder in there food just to make them more aggrisive. It can happen to any dog in the world

  8. how can i get involved in revising or reversing this unconstitutional ban. this is an old ban that has done more harm than good to citizens of denver and their beloved pit bulls. how much did/is this ban actually costing the city, from impounding a what looks like a pit bull to euthanization? not to mention, all the responsible pet owners who had to either move out of denver or give up their family pet which has done no harm but only look a certain way. it would make more sense if denver lifted the ban and perhaps if need to, make stricter rules on aggressive dogs in general. examples would be; required obedience classes, higher liability insurance for the pet, and so on.
    i don’t understand why this is so hard to change? i feel like i come across more individuals who are against the pit bull ban rather than for it, yet nothing is being done about this ridiculous law.

    • I agree with you completely, and the idea to require obedience classes upon purchasing a Pit Bull would be an amazing law. That would not only provide some basic training, but also a great deal of awareness for the owners. Very good idea! My best recommendation is get a bunch of people to send in letters regarding your law suggestion. Eventually your wishes will be heard. The main problem with the change is people won’t change it until it is absolutely necessary. They see this as the easiest way to keep the “Ferocious Pit Bull” out of the streets, when it is in fact only hurting the responsible owners and their lovable Pit Bulls.

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