Fishy Smell From my Pit Bull?


What’s the Smell?

Signs of anal Glands

If Your Pit does this, chances are their Anal Glands are swollen.

Ever had the day where you’re just sitting next to your dog and out of nowhere they just start licking their hind quarters? Or maybe they’re wiping/scooting their butt right on the carpet without any care for who’s watching? Within a minute after you notice this, you smell either a faint or strong sense of fish. Well, the smell isn’t coming from a fish your dog brought inside… (hopefully). It’s coming from their anal glands. When a dog (Pit Bull or not) defecates, it should excrete a certain level of anal gland fluid.

Depending on the food, or the texture of the feces, your dog may have diarrhea or soft stool. This doesn’t allow the anal glands to release properly. So over time they’ll fill up and burst all over the place, which is a really potent stench. Or perhaps as the anal glands fill up, they get itchy and your Pits only way of relieving the itch is to wipe it on the floor. She may choose to lick the itch away, but we all know the easier option.

Many sources will tell you to go to a veterinarian or a dog groomer if you find your dog with swollen anal glands, but that seems like an added expense to me. Both parties are familiar with the process, making it go much smoother. However you’re going to save anywhere from 100-300 dollars by doing this yourself…

Doing it yourself! – What I’d suggest

Anal Gland diagram

Excuse this pic for being too graphic?

Another option is for you to help release the anal gland fluid at home yourself. If you choose to go this route, get some gloves, and be sure to complete the process in a calm matter to make sure your pup has as smooth of a process as possible. To express your dog’s anal glands at home, locate the anal glands, and massage the area in an upward pattern until fluid is released. Note: sometimes it helps to make an upward circular motion. Make sure to have a wash cloth, or “Butt wipes” to clean up your dog and give her a nice treat for behaving!

Read more about How to Release the Anal Glands.

If your dog’s anal gland sac becomes swollen or visually irritating to your Pit Bull, there is also a chance that infection could lead to further complications for your dog. If you notice any blood when your dog scoots or uses the bathroom, contact your veterinarian immediately, as this may be a sign of infection or an even more serious issue. Feeding your dog a diet rich with fiber, but without fillers will help produce firmer stools. The firmer the stools your dog produces, the more likely her anal sac will work as it was intended…

Changing the Diet: Fixing the Problem

Often times, the main reason your Pit has a problem with their anal glands is because of the type of food they’re eating. They’re either allergic to the food, or there’s not enough fiber to maintain a healthy level for your pup. Check out the ingredients in your food, and check what’s good and what’s not. Sometimes it comes down to getting rid of fillers in the food, or maybe you find your dog is specifically allergic to corn.

Want more information on exactly what to look for in your dogs food ingredients? – Click Here

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