Good Candidate for Pit Bull (Liability) Insurance?


Even though insurance companies may not discriminate certain breeds, they still can turn service away. If your Pit Bull has a recorded history of bites, or any violent history, they can turn you away.  There are many ways to prevent this, so insurance companies will have no choice but to accept you.

This doesn’t mean you’re tricking anyone, with a bad behavioral ridden Pit Bull.  This means you’re taking every advantage that society has to offer, in growing or training a responsible Pit Bull. These will ensure your best chance of getting insurance for your Pit Bull.

You can:

  1. take obedience classes, and consider getting a “Canine Good Citizen” certification.
  2. neuter males, which may help prevent aggression.
  3. Getting plenty of exercise will will help channel any excess energy, which may prevent any hyper-aggressive activity with other dogs.
  4. Keeping your Pit Bull on a leash or in a fenced yard, your dog will find a way out of an electric fence, so that may be a bad idea.
  5. Always make sure your dog is supervised around children, because children tend to do everything a dog doesn’t like (like jumping on them in their sleep)
  6. Teach everyone around the house, or direct any visitors how to act around your dog, because a lot of people do not have common sense. For example, don’t disturb dogs while sleeping or eating, and do not bother mother dogs who are with their puppies.
  7. Be aware of the signals that you or your visitors telegraph to your dog,  your nervousness will show to your dog, and they will react the way you act.
  8. Always use common sense to keep your dog from harm.  This one should be easy.  This isn’t to say your dog is always ready to attack someone, but you must always be prepared for the possibility, so it never happens.

Like I said, this is all common sense stuff. But a lot of people either don’t have it or are nieve. Society will look for any excuse to turn your Pit Bull away. Don’t give them that chance.

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