Handling an Attacking Pit Bull


More often than not, regardless the breed of dog you have sprinting after you, you’re going to need to know what to do.

How to act

  • What to say
  • Body language
  • Tone of voice
  • etc…

Whenever you hear of a dog attacking a person, it’s always either in close quarters with the dogs, or a dog chasing someone they see walking by. So what are you to do when faced with a “ravenous” Pit Bull? First things first, it doesn’t matter what type of dog you’re being attacked by; dogs are dogs, and humans are human… So when a dog is chasing a human and the human cringes and starts to run, what do you think the dog is thinking? They’re going to treat the runner as fair game. I’ve done door-to-door for a bit, and can say from experience all dogs react to whatever you do.

On a realistic note, Pit Bulls have a higher likelihood to attack someone by law of averages alone. If the Pit Bull is the most popular dog breed, doesn’t it seem more likely there’d be more attacks by Pits than other breeds? On the other side, they’re powerful, fast, and can have a higher sense of “game.” So whether or not you care which dog breed could potentially attack you, defending against Pit Bulls would require the same actions or reactions as any other breed to prevent attacks of any kind.

How to Act

If a dog is chasing you, never cringe or run. It’s very unsettling for a dog and they’re going to chase you for the fun, with increasing aggression. Of course they’re going to bite you in the leg. It’s happened to someone I know doing door to door sales. Was an Australian Cattle Dog to be fair. So you can take one of two approaches. You can either take the standoff approach, or the friendly approach.

  • Standoff approach (my least favorite) – You square off with the dog, which they may see you challenging them. Depending on who’s dog it is, it can work. You’d yell with a deep voice. Doesn’t really matter what the word is unless you know what words the dog knows. The wrong dog will take it as a challenge and might not go so well in your favor…
  • Friendly approach (my preferred technique) – You get your feet in a 45 degree angle (in a staggered position), body slightly sideways with your hand in front of you for them to sniff. You’d use an endearing voice (almost like talking to a baby), because all dogs respond better to a friendly presence.

Dogs have very different ways of handling situations, just like humans. A powerful dog is capable of doing damage, so you should know how to handle a situation if any dog ever runs after you (Pit Bull or not).


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