Children Around Pit Bulls


Pit Bulls and Children

Here are 4 tips to making your Pit Bull kid social.

1.  Always supervise the child, and the dog.

This isn’t to say the dog will attack, it’s just to add precaution.  Things can always happen, with any animal, or with any kid.  So you should always supervise your kid, why should being around a dog be any different.

2.  Monitor the child’s behavior.

Now this would seem similar to the last tip, but there is more to it.  The children can be abusive, and they can play with them while the Pit Bull eats, and dogs in general do not like that, not just Pit Bulls.  You just have to make sure the kid doesn’t start any aggressiveness without knowing it. Try to make sure the children know how to act.  You know what would set your dog off, let the kids know too.  If you’ve raised this Pit Bull from it’s 8 weeks, then chances are it’ll be just fine around kids.  If you’ve adopted a Pit Bull, or any dog, after it’s puppy days, you just gotta be careful.

3.  Try to put all of the dogs personal items away.Pit Bulls and Kids

All dogs like their toys, and feel protective over them.  To prevent this, put the toys up, and anything else that your dog might see as a protective item.  If a kid goes to throw one of the dogs squeaky toys at his friend, the dog will either, want to start playing, or they will want to claim it’s territory.  Most of the time a Pit Bull will want to play.  My Pit Bull will take his toys to everyone who comes in our house.  That’s just the way he is, as with many other Pit Bulls I’ve come to know.  Don’t take precaution as saying Pit Bulls are bad, it’s just precaution, like wearing a seat belt.

4.  It wont hurt to take Obedience classes.

It’s really good to build a trust and relationship between your Pit Bull and yourself by training them.  When you’ve trained your Pit Bull, you can get a sense of comfort when people come over.  Not only will you blow them away with how well your Pit Bull acts, but you will also instill a good feeling of Pit Bulls in these other people.  Some owners cannot train their Pit Bulls by themselves.  I’m not saying it’s a lack of effort, sometimes it’s just a stubborn or hyper dog, and you may not know exactly how to handle it.  That’s fine, just try to get some obedience classes.  They will not train your Pit Bull for you, but they will show you how to take control.

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