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This is the site, dedicated to defending Pit Bulls. The main point of this site is to spread awareness. That is the message. Many people do not seem to understand what is going on with the Pit Bulls and all that they’ve done, especially for our country, that now could care less for them. Of course there are those of you out there who love Pit Bulls, because of course, you are unbiased, due to the fact you have not been led on by the media. This site has just been put up, so of course there will be many new adjustments to the site in the next couple weeks. This site will blossom, and in time, will be a site for all people to contribute. We will have family of the month, and all sorts of cool ways for you to get involved. For all of you out there trying to defend your Pit Bull, here is the place to be, and the place to get your information. Anyone who does not like Pit Bulls, we will not chase you away, in fact it is good for you to be here, this site is doing what it is meant to do, and that is to spread awareness. Good luck to you all out there, and this site will be up in full throttle in no time. I will keep all of you updated, and in time this will all make sense, so until next time…


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  1. Thanks for doing what is right and that is speaking the truth about our friends. It is disgusting and a shame that people still buy dogs from pet stores and breeders when so many good dogs are available. Puppy mills should be shut down and so shoul dmany of the breeders. The dog is not the problem the owners and poor consequences is.

    Thanks gain for sticking up for our friends. I respect and appreciate that.

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