5 Tips to House Training Your Pit Bull


Pit Bull Training1. Watch for accidents in your house.

When you can pick up on the signs of your dog having to go outside, you can gently pick your Pit Bull up and put them outside, so they can learn to go outside, or at least let you know they have to go outside.  One of the best signs to look for is, if the dog is sniffing, especially if it’s sniffing close to the ground.  Try to work in the “Potty” phrase, so eventually they will be familiar with it.  This training will be necessary eventually, mine as well start early.

2.  Always be prepared.

You accepted this Pit Bull as your own, so you have to accept the responsibility.  Getting angry when they have an accident can create problems.  Not only will you stress out, but your Pit Bull will too.  If you can prepare for these accidents, you won’t be so surprised when the dog has an accident.  Remember, your Pit Bull is only doing what nature intended it to do, so it’s your responsibility to show him what’s right versus wrong.Pit Bull Training

3.  When the dog makes an accident in the house, do not scold it.

When a dog is scolded, they get scared, which develops fear, making the training process harder and longer.  When your Pit Bull is at ease, it will not only go to the bathroom easier, but they will be easier to train.  Your Pit Bull will not be scared of you and you will have a better relationship.  This makes training fun.

4.  As always, be consistent.

You will see this tip in any dog training tip, because this never changes.  If you want your dog to learn, then you have to understand that consistency will come out on top, and make the training easier.

Pit Bull Training5.  Keep up on taking them outside.

Try to take them out 10-20 minutes after they’ve eaten or drank water.  This will encourage them to go outside, when they get the urge to go to the bathroom.  Try to take them out in the morning, when you get home from work (or school), and before you go to bed.  If you follow all of these guidelines, it will be much simpler, and less stressful for you and your Pit Bull.  Training your Pit Bull should be fun, they will appreciate it.


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