How to Search for Pit Bull (Health) Insurance


As much as we hate to think about it, dogs can be injured and should have insurance just as well as humans, especially Pit Bulls. Though Pit Bulls are one of the toughest dog breeds, you have to understand that makes them one of the most fearless, also likely to injure themselves.

For example, say you are playing catch with them, and they want to do some kind of 4 foot backflip to try to get the ball, and land on their leg wrong. Before you know it, you’ve got a 1500 dollar vet bill, with no way to pay for it. Buying insurance for thirty dollars a month could prevent this.

Now you have to think of the best coverage you can get. No need to get jipped here.

Good Example of Care coverage:
• Added to any plan for routine care benefits
• Coverage for spay/neuter, vaccinations, dental cleanings and more
• No deductible to meet

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Common reasons dogs need veterinary care:
• Ingesting items such as socks, toys, or rocks
• Ingesting poisonous substances – chemicals, chocolate, medications
• Insect bites and animal stings
• Vehicle accidents
• Fights with other animals
• Cancer

The Best Pit Bull Insurance advantages I could find:
• Fast direct deposit reimbursement
• Online claims filing
• Choose any licensed vet, anywhere
• Choose from a variety of deductibles and coverage levels
• No upper age limits, so senior dogs get the same great coverage as puppies
• Discounts for enrolling multiple pets

NOTE: Make sure your insurance company provides these services.



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