Introducing New Foods to your Pit Bull


How to Choose a New Brand of Dog FoodIntroducing new foods to your Pit Bull may seem like an easy enough answer, but it’s not as simple as just buying a new bag of food, and putting it in their bowl. For those of you who have done this know the dog may act different towards it, or even reject it altogether. If they do not reject the food that has totally different ingredients, you can expect diarrhea and an upset stomach from your Pit Bull.

So how do we introduce new foods to your Pit Bull?

Gradual Transition

The gradual transition is the easiest way to introduce new foods. Basically all you do is add more and more of the new food to the old food for about a week. This means don’t wait until you are out of old food to get new food, so you have some for the transitioning process. An example regimen would go like this:

  • Day 1- 95% old food, 5% new food
  • Day 2- 80% old food, 20% new food
  • Day 3- 65% old food, 35% new food
  • Day 4- 50% old food, 50% new food
  • Day 5- 30% old food, 70% new food
  • Day 6- 15% old food, 85% new food
  • Day 7- 0% old food, 100% new food
Most Pit Bulls will have no issues with a regimen like this, however there are always those who mine as well be addicted to the food they used to consume. When this is the case and your Pit Bull rejects new food altogether, you must try the next method.



Fasting (extreme measures)


Do not be alarmed. Fasting is a natural part of a dogs nature. They would naturally fast in the wild, trying to catch their food. Now I know what you’re thinking. Pit Bulls are basically man-made, they never really spent time in the wild. That doesn’t mean their ancestors didn’t. You will not be taking your dog off of food altogether. Here is an example:
  • Begin 1-2 days breaking your Pit Bull off of their old food. So feed less then normal amounts.
  • Then go 1-2 day on nothing but water, vegetable juices or broths.
  • Then 1-2 days add in real foods, such as vegetables, eggs, small meats, to break them from their old food cravings.
  • At this point start adding the new food.
You should have no problems with the new food at this point. However you may still have a few days of diarrhea introducing the new food. But if this is what it takes for your Pit Bull to eat new food, it may be worth it. Just make sure if you’re doing a fast, that you don’t get them addicted to real food by feeding them at the table, or feeding them too much.
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