Is Buying a Pit Bull for You?


Before you decide to get a Pit Bull, or any dog, as yourself if you have the spare time, money, facilities and energy to deal with a dog for hopefully the next 10+ years. There’s no shame in supporting the Pit Bull cause and not owning a Pit Bull. Owning a dog should be a lifelong commitment, most Pit Bulls that are given up to shelters will never see a second home.

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You may never think about the day after tomorrow, but in owning a dog of any breed you need to. If you plan on having a baby, or if you have your hands full already with children, understand that you need to spend a good deal of time raising a Pit Bull, because untrained they will become unreliable. They may chew things, urinate on your favorite carpet, or worse your bed and these incidents will make you regret getting a Pit Bull leading to the inevitable ridding of your them. Their bad habits come from your training, which takes time.


The average estimated cost of owning a puppy in their first year is $1500 according to The American Humane Society. This is not a price to be taken lightly and can fluctuate depending on unexpected vet bills. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, it may not be the perfect time to pick up another bill.


Whether you and your Pit Bull, or a full family live in your house, the facilities will need to change according. Especially for feeding time, their bowls should be separated from playing, screaming children. Precaution for any dog is always responsible.


Your Pit Bull will seem to have unlimited reserves of energy. No matter how much you tire them out, they will be ready to play again in a few short minutes. Your Pit Bull will find ways to explore his hyper activity, if you do not take care of them. You may not like the result, which can lead to chewing family heirlooms or climbing all over your new leather couch.

If these responsibilities just seem too much to take on, you should reconsider any dog let alone a Pit Bull. Unless they are self reliant, like having a dog door to use the bathroom in a fenced in yard. That is considered a huge perk for many family situations.



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