Montreal SPCA Neuters Against Owners Wishes


The SPCA says its contract with Verdun is clear: “No stray can be returned or adopted before it has been neutered.”

The owner Liz Leslie was angry to find she could not retrieve her Pit Bull from the SPCA, without the dog getting neutered. Liz provided proof that she was going to breed her Pit Bull, but the law does not change. The law was set due to an overpopulation problem. The fact is, Liz let her dog get out. The idea is if the dog is out of his/her property and gets another dog pregnant, that contributes to the out of control population. The SPCA says to Liz, “there are too many pit bulls in Verdun, anyway. We have a freezer full of dead pit bulls. Want to see it?”.

They also have 72 Pit Bulls available for adoption. There’s no way they’re all going to get adopted. I believe they should do this everywhere. For example, if my Pit Bull gets loose, and an animal shelter picks him up, I believe they should have the right to neuter him regardless of the owners wishes. If the dog gets out of the house and makes another dog pregnant, you’ve got 8 or so dogs that are either going to get adopted or are going to be the reason 8 other dogs don’t get adopted. Either way, contributing to the overall population is one of the biggest concerns at the moment.

“If you lose your dog you lose the right to own an unfixed dog,” Devine said. “Montreal has a pet overpopulation problem. It has to be dealt with.”

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