Overweight or Underweight Pit Bulls


The Pit Bull is meant to look lean and muscular. I don’t want to use the term skinny, but almost a ripped or bulked look is usually the case, unless they are mixed with a softer breed. There is nothing wrong with being mixed or soft, but if your Pit Bull doesn’t look as healthy as they are meant to look, you may want to reconsider their diet or see a veterinarian.

At a proper weight your Pit Bull should have a slightly hourglass figure, viewed form above and the side. The stomach should be slightly tucked-up and there should be no roll of fat over the legs or arm area. The ribs should be easily felt through the skin, but now showing, unless they are exerting much effort outside in which the skin needs to stretch or they are breathing heavily. The spine should never show lumps, then your Pit Bull is too skinny or needs to be seen by a veterinarian.

Choosing basic Foods for your Pit Bull!


Obesity leads to nothing but trouble. It can lead to joint injuries and heart problems, as well as make pre-exisistng problems worse. In this case you should feed them a high fiber, low fat and medium protein diet dog food. Commercially available diet foods supply about 15% less calories per pound, and are preferable to starving your Pit Bull. If you feel you need to share food with your Pit Bull trade the snack for a rice cake or carrot. They will still enjoy it.

If your Pit Bull remains overweight, consult a veterinarian’s opinion. Heart disease, some endocrine disorders, such as Cushing’s disease, or the early stages of diabetes can cause the appearance of obesity. If your Pit Bull’s stomach is enlarged, without fat around the shoulders or butt, should be examined immediately by a veterinarian.


A underweight Pit Bull is more rare then an overweight Pit Bull. In some cases they may be losing weight rapidly out of illness or are picky eaters. Whatever the case this is unhealthy and needs to be fixed.

Picky eaters are created when owners tend to give table scraps or spice up the dog food with treats and human food. There is nothing wrong with this if you intend to do it forever, and wish to deal with rancid breath as well. Nonetheless this is how picky eaters are born and will not eat regular food for any reason. The exception to feeding your dog human food is if your Pit Bull is sick and needs to be motivated to eat.

If they are underweight just out of their lifestyle, they may need to be fed puppy food. There are more proteins and usually more fats. If they will eat the food, this can be a good alternative. If none of this works, you should see a veterinarian ASAP, to assure the health of your Pit Bull is not compromised.

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