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“Thanks for such a great site! Your information was very helpful to me. I just adopted a Staffordshire Terrier and he’s such a love! I live in Ohio so I have had to deal with all of the laws, including pit bull insurance. I did find that State Farm would not cover a “Pit Bull” type breed under homeoweners insurance. They were, however, helpful in understanding my position and I found pit bull  insurance with The Ohio Insurance Exchange. They do not have a website so you would have to find them in the Yellow Pages but they are very nice and helpful. Thanks again for a wonderful website and I hope this information is helpful to anyone out there looking to give a pit bull a home.” ~Brandie

“I’ve had a pit for 4 yrs, and owned my home for 4 yrs as well. No bite history. I used to have All risk insurance, but they have decided to not renew my policy. So now my new “only” option according to my agent might be Foremost which is a branch of Farmers. With both pit bull insurances my rates are higher than they should be because of the dog, even though both policies have an exclusion to any liabilities that my happen involving the dog. I think next time, I will say he is a mixed breed heavy on the lab side, what else can you do.” ~Lindsay

“Well I’ve contacted Progressive, Liberty Mutual, State Farm and Farmers insurance. So far Liberty Mutual is the cheapest one @ $59.58/mo.. They did ask about dogs and what breed they were and if they had ever bittin anyone.. Mind you the quote I got was for Home Owners Insurance.. State Farm offers Renters Insurance as well. My quote on that was $173/ yr, so it broke down to only $14 and some change a month. State farm will ask about the dogs and breed, the quote I got was with 2 pit bulls!!” ~Chasity

“I am an insurance agent and I checked with Kemper, who is on this website’s short list of companies that do not have breed resrictions. Pit Bull is on their list of unacceptable breeds, which means they will decline coverage (atleast in Texas) if you own one. I am also a proud owner of a sweeheart of a dog who is a Pit Bull. I only hope that one day this breed will be treated like the kind, loving pets that they are. Too many people have incorrect notions about these dogs.” ~Mandit

“ Awesome website! Wanted to let you know that I called Farmers insurance and they told me they would not offer home owners insurance to pit bull owners” ~Jake

“I am so glad to know i’m not alone in this i have 2 pits and 4 children and they are great with my kids!!!! i was like everyone else in the begining i was terrified and then i went out to eat for lunch one day and there she was beautiful dog so she came home with me and we have been best friends ever since i just recently got the male about a week ago and my current pit bull insurance company dropped me because i had more than 1 of the breed so if anyone out there can help PLEASE my landlord has threatened to evict me unless i get pit bull  insurance.” ~Jodi

“I tried to renew my homeowner’s insurance in Virginia with Traveler’s/GEICO and they would not renew it because my dog is part pit bull, even though she has never had any incidents of any kind. I have my auto insurance through them as well, which I will now be changing due to this policy. Insurance companies are supposed to base their policies on numbers and facts, not ignorance and hysteria.” ~DG


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  1. My brother recommended I might like this page. He was totally right. Ive been looking for some health insurance info for my pit for a while now. You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this info! Any idea who the best company is to get insurance from? Health, not liability of course. Thanks!