Petey: Little Rascals


Petey Little RascalsPetey was the Pit Bull on the show “Our Gang”, later known as “The Little Rascals”.  Petey became just as popular as the kids themselves.  Many People do not know that Petey was a few dogs. Rascals Family There was Pal who played Petey, and when he passed away, one of his offspring, Lucenay, took over.  Lucenay was the most remembered, and popular of the other Pit Bulls that played Petey.  Lucenay died in 1946, just two years after the show was cancelled.  So not only did one Pit Bull get along with all of the Rascals, but a few dogs were like family to the Little Rascals.

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  1. The original “petey” was sired by Earl Tudor’s Blackjack. Tudor was infamous in his day for breeding and owning some of the greatest pit dogs of his time. Blackjack had a record of 16 wins in the fighting pits, which is a rather excellent record considering very few dogs ever made more than a few showings. This goes to show how much proper nurture can prevail over nature.

    Please don’t read this and assume that I support dog fighting or any other form of cruelty towards animals, but at one time there was a certain percieved honor involved in training and fighting dogs in the pit. Society has since evolved as have the majority of lowlifes that still fight our beloved companions.

    I currently own a beautiful pitbull that I picked up at the local shelter. She has never shown aggression towards anything and lives happily with my 3 cats. Bella and one of my cats sleep next to each other every night in my bed. I don’t think she knows she’s a pitbull, and just assumes she’s a big cat.