Pins Daughter Down, Lets Pit Bull Attack Her


Father Attacks Daughter with His Pit Bull49 year old Julian Maynard Saunders is accused of assaulting his daughter, and letting his Pit Bull attack her by his side.

The argument started when Saunders noticed the space heater was on in his daughters room.  He went to get his Pit Bull, stood in the hallway and starting yelling at her.  As they continued to argue, the man grabbed the woman’s face and slammed her into the wall.  When he took her to the ground, the dog started to bite and scratch her legs.

When the mother comes in, she sees Saunders holding the daughter down, while the Pit Bull attacks her.  Reports stated when the mother tried to interfere, the Pit Bull bit her in the left arm.  The mother told officials Saunders often uses his Pit Bull for intimidation.

The mother and daughter left after that, to go to a nearby hospital, where they contacted authorities.  When authorities showed up at Saunders house, he was not there.  He fled to his brothers house. Authorities found signs of struggle, and blood in Saunders’ house.

Saunders was charged with felony domestic battery and was sent to the Marion County Jail, where he is held without bond.  The dog is under home quarantine, according to the Marion County Public Information Office.

This is a true story of how much influence the owner has on their Pit Bull.  You’ve got this aggressive man, and his dog represents his aggressive nature.  This is the kind of guy who gets his dog to fight his battles, and for whatever reason, he needed his Pit Bull to be by his side to hold down a woman.  Stuff like that just makes no sense.  If he’s already got power over this woman, what’s the point in having your Pit Bull fight for you as well.  If the owner has his Pit Bull fighting for him/her, they should never be in possession of any animals, not just Pit Bulls.


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  1. Oddly, you don’t hear stories like this with other breeds. Wonder why… could it be that years of genetic inbreeding designed to create a hyper aggressive species has actually worked and the breed is actually dangerous?


    I like my pitbull, so leave me alone! Who cares if he’s turned into a vicious killing machine… the daughter probably deserved it anyway, right?

    • No one ever looks at the back story to see “why did this happen” and “How can we prevent it from happening again?” All everyone thinks about is what the news tells them to their faces. A man who uses his Pit for intimidation on his family and beats them, would really raise a Pit Bull properly… Good try, but you’re displaying ignorance here. Again look at the back story not just the incident.

  2. Wow, that’s really, really sad. And it will be used as another example of “why pits are so vicious” or “why they don’t need to be owned”.

    It’s ridiculous the things twisted people have dogs do, and then the dogs get blamed – as if they should somehow know better. Meanwhile, all the responsible pit owners with well-balanced and friendly dogs, they have to suffer or have a stigma attached to them because they dare to love a “vicious” breed.

    People like this are just ridiculous. When you think you’ve heard it all…

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