Pit Bull Fatal Attack Statistics


UPDATE: March 2014 (Added a video, and added new citations)

Think about the facts before you judge.  Pit Bull Statistics are what they are. It’s how you choose to interpret them, or listen to the biased interpretations.

  • According to the American Temperament Test Society, temperament evaluations of American Pit Bull Terriers shows that this breed has a very high passing rate of 82.6%.
  • The average passing rate for the other 121 breeds of dogs in the tests: 77%.

Look at the facts below.  Pit Bulls have gone through so much, yet they’re still less likely to attack you then a Rottweiler, German Shepherd, or a Chow.  Pit Bulls are facing bans across the United States and across the world, yet society is to blame, because they’re the ones tearing the breed apart.   For many people, Pit Bulls are nothing more then an asset, for making money.  These people mass produce Pit Bulls, force them to fight for their lives, and when they lose their fight, they’re killed.  Many situations occur where the Pit Bull will be hung, electrocuted, shot, etc., yet THEY ARE THE ONES TO BLAME?  I find that a little contradicting dont you?

Pit Bull Statistics

The Pit Bull breed makes up 5-9.6% of the United States dog population.  In 2007, there were above 72 million dogs in the United States provided by American Veterinary Medical Association.  That’s between 3,600,000 and 6,912,000 Pit Bull breed dogs in the United States.

So, for our example we’ll take the average percent between 5 and 9.6, and use 7.3 percent, which would give an average estimation of the Pit Bull population in the United States.  That leaves us with 5,256,000 Pit Bulls.

Other dog populations (United States):

(estimation) Pit Bulls: 5,256,000

(estimation) Rottweilers: 900,000

(estimation) German Shepherds: 780,000

(estimation) Chows: 240,000

Fatal attacks by these breeds of dogs (1979-1998):

Pit Bulls: 66

Rottweilers: 39

German Shepherds: 17

Chows: 8

When we divide the population by the fatal attacks, we can get a percentage based on the dogs probability of fatally attacking a human.

Pit Bulls: .00125 %

Rottweilers: .00433 %

German Shepherds: .00217%

Chow: .00333%

WELL, it would seem the Pit Bull is at the bottom of the list.  4 times as many Rottweilers, 2 times as many German Shepherds, and 3 times as many Chows are involved in Fatal Attacks based on the population percentage.  It is only logical that if there are more Pit Bulls there would be more attacks.    Lets take a little less blame on the breed and put a little more blame on the people.  Through all they’ve been through, the Pit Bull still triumphs.





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  1. Ive already posted thia as a comment to someones post but I wanna make sure people read this…..
    May I remind you people that the media only publishes stories they want to and that they focus mainly on pit attacks, to make people afraid of the breed. I am a pitbull owner and I have done more research on the breed than you could imagine. The american temperament society ranks pit bulls at number 2 for their temperament towards humans. Also if you do more research you will learn that a lab is more likely to attack a human than a pit, but you’d never know that by watching the news because they refuse to show this. Also if you watch dog whisperer you will learn the only difference between a vicios Chihuahua and a vicious pitbull is the damage they can do. People need to stop being so ignorant and educate themeselves before automatically blaming the breed. It is people who create a bad dog, a dog isn’t born that way. Dogs don’t think like us, they think as a pack and if it’s not made clear that you are the leader and they have no structure it causes frustration which leads to bad behavior. People need to start taking responsibility for their own ignorance.
    I’d also like to add that my son along with any other child could do anything they wanted to my pit and she will lay there and not do a thing. My son used to pull on her jowls, ears, tail, lay on top of her, whatever he wanted and she just let him do it. Mind you he was a baby, he passed away last year at 13 months old (which had nothing to do with my dog) and she still mopes around and looks for him. She cuddles up with his stuffed animal I have on my bed along with one of his blankets all the time. I could not ask for a better dog and I will always have a pit in my house. They are a breed that is more layal and eager to please than most others. Judge the deed not the breed!!! I stand behind this 100%
    One other thing, I love how people say pitbulls are unpredictable… news flash ALL dogs are unpredictable!!! Just as humans or any other animal is, common sense… I seriously believe people have lost this and no longer know how to think on their own and allow the media to do the thinking for them.

  2. You are only speaking part of the truth. You fail to mention temperments of the breeds, and intent. There was a twenty year study on the dogs you mentioned and the Pitbull clearly displayed more aggressive and unpredictable behavior versus the other breeds. German Shepherds for example have been know to be aggressive only in situations where they were abused.

    • Zerrick Morris on

      now what you are saying isn’t entirely true because i currently own a Pitbull and i’ve and him for 3 years and not once has he tried to attack anyother dog when i take him on walks nor has he tried to attack any animals what so ever when i took him up to the texoma lake where the camp grounds are and to be honest i haven’t had to put him on a leash yet!!!!!

    • Phillip Galloway on

      Julian please post a link to this 20 yr study. I’m been reading these for years and that’s a new one. You’re talking out your behind about GS btw so I have my doubts about this “study”. Post a link and I’ll read it.

    • As for temperment and intent of the breed , Pitbulls were bred for two things. 1. The most obvious which is to take down bulls.And 2. to be nursery dogs! Thats right. One of the tings that Pit bulls were bred to do was to watch peoples two month old and play with it and protect it. If a pitbull was an overly vicious and agressive dog I HIGHLY doubt people would be putting them in the nursery with their children! Yes some of them were trained to do agressive things but that dosen’t mean that the breed is naturally overly agressive and had a bad temperment! German sheperds are trained to attack running criminals! But when they go home with their officer partner they can be amazingly loveing and kind! And Great Danes were trianed to hunt bears! But they are really just big silly dogs that need lots of love! So it also goes to show that the intentional use of the dog dosen’t always determine wether or not it is unpredictable or agressive! And as for compaireing them to other breeds.
      “August 18, 2007 — A Labrador mix attacked a 70-year-old man, sending him to the hospital in critical condition. Police officers arrived at the scene and the dog was shot after charging the officers. This incident was reported in one article in the local paper.

      August 19, 2007 — A 16-month-old child received fatal head and neck injuries after being attacked by a mixed-breed dog. This attack was reported on twice by the local paper.

      August 20, 2007 — A six-year-old boy was hospitalized after having his ear torn off and receiving a severe bite to the head by a medium-sized, mixed-breed dog. This incident was reported in one article in the local paper.

      August 21, 2007 — A 59-year-old woman was attacked in her home by two pit bulls and was hospitalized with severe, but not fatal, injuries. This attack was reported in over 230 articles in national and international newspapers, as well as major television news networks including CNN, MSNBC and Fox.”
      This information was found on this site http://blog.timesunion.com/dogs/pit-bulls-and-the-media/3597/
      And the same information can be found on many other sites. But the point here is that the other breeds DO attack and KILL people but it just isent shown as much because when you think about it. Whats more intresting to hear? A story about someone or something that has only been shown as evil and vicious? Or hearing about something that you normally think of as loveing and sweet , but has done something terrable. You see the news and media has completly deamonized this breed and a few others includeing , rottweilers , German sheperds, and several other breeds. The pit bull is just the lateist to fall victim to the media’s histerical grasp.

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  4. missy carter on

    I have had pitbulls in my life for years and my puppy is about a year old and loves my older kids and other dog that been around since he was born. Only time he gets mad is when my other dog starts barking at someone she doesnt like. I recently helped my cousin move when a new owner took over her apartment building and claimed there was no pitbulls allowed because he didnt trust them. Right now she is fighting him over this eviction

  5. I have never owned or even met a pitbull. But it seems to me that the main argument against pit bulls is that they are BRED to be viscous. Well, I own a Yorkshire Terrier, bred to keep rats and mice out of factories. I can tell you she didn’t even care when the mouse who lives in my house hopped up on the couch beside her!
    My point here is that just because genetics says they are something, doesn’t make it so. Years of bad media have portrayed pits as viscous and unpredictable. If a dog attack is in the paper, if its not a pit bull related attack, it’s simply a dog. Sad to see – I hope the discrimination can soon be put to an end!

    • Thank u for ur support. .so very much..its really a crien shame..there’s such an awful stigma attached to the breed..ur support is a gift and I hope ur messege spread’s like wildfire..thank u

  6. It’s not so much,The bread of Dog,But the Atemt to propagandsize And HIDE The Truth.Now What State has the Largest No Pit Bulls,You Will Have Sanktions Put on You That PINcH ( By HILLARY )-Now Give Up That State. PS- Pit Bull NO#?


  7. THESE stats are flawed to further perpetuate the tragedies occurring one death in every 20 days by pit bulls,not including the victims that survive the horrific disfiguring mauling.THE 40 YR OLD debatable SLOGAN ”it’s not the dog, it’s the owner” has perpetuated to protect the breeders and pit bulls.Not all pits are prone to exhibit bad genetics because of intermixing with other breeds to soften the viciousness but there too many in the mix that is causing havoc.Just look at the tragedies these pits are leaving behind ”pet pit bull mauls woman and unborn child in Pacifica California”’ is just one. Shepherds ‘n Rottweilers are manageable but a pit is unpredictable and unmanageable

    • Have you owned a pitbull? Your generalizing the whole breed. There is plenty of pitbulls out there that are good dogs and completely manageable. And are you say that all German shepherd and Rottweilers are manageable? There is plenty that are uncontrolable. I don’t see any headlines here saying anything about all the other fatal dog attacks by different breeds. Your generalizing a whole breed. It’s not fair. I’m not saying its the owners fault I’m just saying you should blame a whole breed for some misfortunes..

    • Your facts are flawed as well there is no way and it has actually been stated in Alabama Supreme court that an animal can genetically be bred to attach or be vicious. Yes it is owners yes it is breeders that are to blame complete socialization is needed not only with these type of dogs but also with all dogs. We don’t think about it as being vicious when a 5 lb chihuahua nips at someones hand but when a 60lb dog does the same thing for the same reasons it is automatically the dogs fault. I am sorry but it is not the animals fault for acting like an animal. To blame a breed for tragidies that happen due to bad socilaization and poor breeding habits is like blaming the victim of a crime for the crime happening to them. Until there can be a control on poor dog ownership we will continue to have these problems. These same attacks happen with other breeds however media has over sensationalized pit bull attacks to get viewers. Look it up those stats are real. I am not attacking you for your views I am just hoping that you can see past a lot of human mistakes and not take it out on a breed that you obviously not been around or have taken the time to research.

    • Benjamin that’s not true. For your information I have a pit-bull at home and they are NOT UNPREDICTABLE and UNMANAGEABLE!!! You liar. Shepards and rottweilers bite people MUCH MORE that sweet pits! You are a liar and a disgrace to Pit-Bulls everywhere!

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  9. I discovered that in the past pit bulls were bred to protect the family like guard dogs. However, they were bred for protection against wild animals like wolves, coyotes, and foxes. That is why the now have a tendencies to attack animals they are not familiar with. When familiarized pits can get along with any other animal. They do not, and still do not have a natural tendencies to attack people. When a pit attacks a person that is because of a bad owner. If they were once bred for protection I’m sure they can be bred to erase their violent attitudes. They breed other dogs for everything else why not?

  10. Just came across your site. My daughter and her significant other were just ordered to have Jak (their Pit) removed from their house due to a city ordinance against pit bulls. We are in the beginning stages of trying to change the ordinance and would appreciate any pointers. They have a basset hound also, and honestly are more concerned with her temperament than Jak’s I don’t believe grouping the breed together as a whole is fair, we are going for an amendment to the ordinance for a case by case review.
    When my kids were little we had a Dalmatian. The all American “FAMILY” dog….very misleading by the way. The dog bit the neighbor boy and then a while later a friend of ours. I was very nervous with this dog and did not trust him around kids We ended up surrendering him at the local shelter. We bought him in with tears in our eyes and the first comment that was made at the shelter was “…another biting Dalmatian.” We were shocked, as that was not the image portrayed with this breed.
    The Pit Bull breed, I am finding out, is also a victim of stereotype. I whole heartedly believe ANY dog can attack. If you are going to ban one breed, why not ban them all..

    • Are you kiding me.Let a pit bull bite your son like it bit mine and see how you feel then about the law of them being banned!!!!!!!He was bitten in the face twice one gash close to his eye.I am glad it didn’t get his throat.There are laws like this for a reason.They need to be banned period.Right after it happened he ask me am I going to die.I have pictures and will use them anyway I can to keep this from ever happening to another person.You need to see him trying to swallow his antbiotic,he has so much trouble geting it down not to mention my beautiful son may be scared for life.People should pick human safety and human life over a dog.We have a law suit pending.So beware pitbull lover’s if your do bites someone make sure you have insurence or be ready to be poor because any parent that loves their child like I do mine will sue and prosecute to the fulles extent of the law!!!!!!!My son is only 10.Pitbulls are banned where I am and like I said for good reason.By the way the dog is going to be destroyed by the pound and the people have citations as well as what we are going to do.I tell you if you have this breed you are just asking for trouble,they are also unpredictable.I hope the lady that said her two year old child plays with a pitbull everyday the dog doesn’t turn one her child and bite her.My son is 10,bigger and stronger I can’ty even imange what would happen to a two year old child.Come on people wake up,there are to many people like my son bitten and some even killed by this breed.We need to have really stong laws against this breed.You see pitbull lover’s love the dog until something happens to their love one and then it’s boo hoo hoo why didn’t I listen.I want to get the message out from my experience.I want my son’s pain and suffering help some one not to go though what we have been through and what we are going through.Please understand I love animals too and have 2 cats and three dogs and one turtle.What youi have to understand is pitbulls are just a unpredictable breed that has caused a lot of harm and death to humans.Tell the parent of a child who died from a pitbull attack that laws need to be changed so they can be free to bite and kill again.I only have one more thing to say and that is put yourself in my shoes or the shoes of a mother that lost a child and see how you feel.Fighting to keep tough laws,Carol

      • So….you already have a ban in place and it didn’t work? Imagine that.

        A lady named Carol was mean to me when I was a kid. So you should be banned. Because obviously Carols can’t be trusted.

      • Sounds like you are generalizing an entire breed of dog and do not respect the fact that they are living, breathing creatures who deserve a chance to be loved

  11. Greetings folks. 1st wana say thanks, its sites/forums like this that open up dialogue between responsible dog owners and the general public. I own a 13 month old female red nose. She’s about 75lbs. She’s extremely protective over me. She’s not afraid of anything in this world besides ME. I can walk her around other dogs leashless. She listens to me like as if my word is law. Im not gona sit here and say she’s not dangerous because i know she can be. But see she’s also verry sweet. I have many friends who regularly bring their children to play with my dog. I have many neighbors who love my dog and regularly associate with her. The only times i may get a little nervous is when approached by the dogs of jack asses that cant control their dogs and around phucktards that think because she minds well she’ll allow them to get close to me. I rescue neglected and abused pitbulls. Have placed 4 in 2012. I rehab foster and resociolise them for placement. I know better than to think that my dog would never hurt anyone, but then again if some jack asses dog or some crook is stupid enough to get into her jaws then so be it. Id never condone dog fighting or aggressive behavior but i will condone my dog or anyone else’s dog defending themselves or there ownsers. My heart goes out to people who are hurt by ignorant peoples dogs. Please dont judge my sashah by these derilects cause after all, im more of a threat to public safety than my dog ever could be. After all i trained her 😉

    • Zerrick Morris on

      Not all Pitbulls are alike Maam. I understand where you are coming from but you also must understand that i currently own a pitbull right now as i speak and has had him for 2 1/2 going on 3 years now and not once has he even tried to attack any animals much less a person. He is a very friendly and playful dog. And just YESTERDAY i took him to Texoma lake where the camping area is and, yes of course people looked at him and was scared at first but once they met him and realized that he was only wanting to be friends they wanted him to stay and even the camp rangers wanted to take him to K-9 classes because of the discipline and obedience that Barkley was showing towards adults and children. We even took pictures of four 5 year old children sitting on his back like he was a horse and he had a blast. I know that i probably won’t be able to change your mind but if you and your son was able to meet Barkley it will give your son peace and it will give you a different opinion about pitbulls. thank you and you can message me on facebook as: Zerrick Morris

  12. My pitbull has been bitten by Chiwawas (family and stranger) , pugs, Doberman pincher , lab , husky ! All insecure dogs in homes or at the dog park and has never fought back! Till this day never has shown aggression! And that goes for his mother before him! Same well behaved dog that’s was attacked by all kinds of dogs and never attacked back! Because I took responsibility to protect my dog before it could fight back. if I didnt have these dogs well trained yes they could have been dangerous dogs! But they were and are far from that!

  13. Ive had pitbulls all my life and never had one be aggressive towards anyone! I have a 2 year old son that plays with a pitbull everyday! Plays with all the kids in the neighborhood all around 2-10yrs of age, and he knows his limits always playing gently! And has never bitten one child ( same kids that have been bitten by 4 dofferent small and large breeds this this year)This is all due to how I raise him (dog). I set boundrys like I would with my own child . But I showed complete affection and make them feel like they belong In this family, in this pack! I agree they can be dangerous!; but that’s significly based on how there raised and the time and patience you pit in to raise them. If you keep them In a backyard for most of there life your not ready to own an animal”. and if he doesn’t have a place In Your home do what’s best for the animal and give him to a home that can provide this ! My dog sleeps by my sons bed, and our bed every night ! He goes with me almost everywhere, very social and respectfull of people in stores and dog parks! This dog by the way is 4 months and only gonna get smarter and more loyal like my dogs before him! You can have a husky, lab, even a chiwawa be as dangerous”. Especially to an infant. It’s all about resposibilty and how these animals are being raised! If you want to buy a dog and throw it In a backyard secluded”, there will be consequences! Animals all can be dangerous”, but to sit here and blame a breed! Shows your lack of knowledge, responsibility , and intergredy. And I don’t have time to waste on these kinds of people! Pitbulls In my experience are the most kind , loyal dogs! I’d recommend them to anyone that has time and love for them!

  14. my pit was the sweetest dog you could ever ask for. if they kids wanted to pull her tail, she’d let them. if they wanted to ride on her back, she’d let them. we had Grace for thirteen years. she eventually got really sick and we had to put her down. it was honestly the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do. i’ve seen mean, aggresssive pits, bt only do to the owners. i would get another pit in a heartbeat. i couldn’t have ever asked for a better dog.

    • ”Sweetest pet”.. THAT’S what a husband said when he came home to find his pregnant wife and unborn child mauled to death in Pacifica, California. OR the mother came home fr/grocery to find her son 11 and toddler 2 yrs mauled to death by their sweet pet pit… the stories goes on to the tune of one in every 20 days.According to the owners these pets were babied.In 6 yrs alone there were 130 deaths by pits…this does not include the victims who survive these horrific ‘n vicious mauling… i hope you will be one of the lucky ones who will end with no tragedy.It’s the statistics of unpredictable genetics that was bred into these dogs that can turn without warning is worrisome. I had a pit, dachshund and Shep they were best of friends… so i thought i put my pit to sleep for killing the two!!This article is flawed and biased. His stats does not match my own research and other unbiased advocates. Ask him if he is a breeder

      • This is the second comment I’ve read that states stories about pits that are on the news…may I remind you people that the media only publishes stories they want to and that they focus mainly on pit attacks, to make people afraid of the breed. I am a pitbull owner and I have done more research on the breed than you could imagine. The american temperament society ranks pit bulls at number 2 for their temperament towards humans. Also if you do more research you will learn that a lab is more likely to attack a human than a pit, but you’d never know that by watching the news because they refuse to show this. Also if you watch dog whisperer you will learn the only difference between a vicios Chihuahua and a vicious pitbull is the damage they can do. People need to stop being so ignorant and educate themeselves before automatically blaming the breed. It is people who create a bad dog, a dog isn’t born that way. Dogs don’t think like us, they think as a pack and if it’s not made clear that you are the leader and they have no structure it causes frustration which leads to bad behavior. People need to start taking responsibility for their own ignorance.
        I’d also like to add that my son along with any other child could do anything they wanted to my pit and she will lay there and not do a thing. My son used to pull on her jowls, ears, tail, lay on top of her, whatever he wanted and she just let him do it. Mind you he was a baby, he passed away last year at 13 months old (which had nothing to do with my dog) and she still mopes around and looks for him. She cuddles up with his stuffed animal I have on my bed along with one of his blankets all the time. I could not ask for a better dog and I will always have a pit in my house. They are a breed that is more layal and eager to please than most others. Judge the deed not the breed!!! I stand behind this 100%
        One other thing, I love how people say pitbulls are unpredictable… news flash ALL dogs are unpredictable!!! Just as humans or any other animal is, common sense… I seriously believe people have lost this and no longer know how to think on their own and allow the media to do the thinking for them.

  15. Could you post some authentic documentation on your statistics please? They sure aren’t “US Statistics” They’re go in the opposite direct and are very contrary to the real stats. Wonder who’s stats are correct. Why would anyone with a brain even take the slightest chance with their kids, Grand kids, or anything living that they love? That’s a question to ask yourself. No, go ahead, take time to weigh the pros and cons,…here it is again,…”Why would anyone take that chance”? You gotta be an idiot to take a chance on life after knowing the real facts and figures about Pit Bulls.

    • The article clearly states estimated. You’re asking for authentic documentation on a breed that is vastly overbred with a vast amount of other breeds. Many cannot even identify a Pit Bull these days. Even if there were an exact recorded study, the numbers would be off base. That’s why I took the average of the different numbers I found. This way I don’t over or underestimate the numbers. It’s a middle ground for all the numbers floating around on the net. That doesn’t mean I used a number that said 60 million pits are in the US. When thousands are being put down per day, you should know the dog is not to blame.

      • nathan sullivan on

        You have made a completely ridiculous statistical mess. And you defend it with another brutal classic argument error. Sure, blame the humans. I agree. And now, avoid the dogs, and ban them completely because WE can’t handle them. Your right, we should completely ban the breed like the UK. Many can’t even identify a…. right again and good job undermining your own porridge of statistics. Lame and irresponsible.

      • Not all pitbulls are bad thats true. The breed however has a high copacity to attack. American pitbull terriers are accountable for more attacks and deaths tjen anyother dog in the U.S. your statistics are wrong. Yes the owner may be have abused the dog but he is not the one who killed the victim is he? Many pitbulls have been taken care of since birth and yet they attack my niece tugged his pitbulls tail ( which was never neglected) and the dog tried to kill him. They often go bad. Being on 4 he had to have 137 stiches and re-hab for several months is that what you call playing no. The dog had to be shot until it let go. And yes I know what im talking about having been a vet for 9 years.

  16. And also, what about the non-fatal attacks? When pit bulls attack, they maul and can cause permanent damage. Have you seen the photos of children after surviving these attacks? Yes, all dogs can bite. I was once bit on the foot by a collie. He barely drew blood, and only bit once. Not like pit bulls that get whipped up in a frenzy and bite repeatedly. Seeing as you claim your numbers are un-biased, hopefully you’ll all this comment to be posted as a dissenting opinion.

    • I work with dogs on a daily basis and pits are some of the nicer dogs I have met. My first dog bite was from a golden retriever and he did bite more then once. He but both arms. I had to see a therapist for five months to get full mobility. I had it get reinfected a total of three times. Many breeds have aggressive tendencies. Pits come from a terrier and an English bull dog. People don’t look at either of those breeds a horrid breeds. You are being unfair in your judgments. Saying they have more tendencies to bite again and again is ignorance on your part. Collies are herding breeds, they nip to herd.

  17. Ok. But what you’re own “unbiased” stats tell us is that pit bulls account for to most fatal attacks of any breed, and adjusted for actual breed population, are still at least the 4th most likely breed to have a fatal attack. There are countless dozens of dog breeds out there, and you are bragging about pit bulls being “only” 4th?? These are dangerous dogs, point blank. I wouldn’t allow my kids to be anywhere near them. I saw a pit bull almost kill a lab at the dog park for no reason whatsoever besides that a ball was near them both. Scary animals that should be heavily regulated.

    • I don’t disagree that they’re dangerous. In fact my opinion has changed greatly in my time since starting this site. I still love the breed, don’t get me wrong, but there is just too much mass breeding to get anywhere as an advocate. There is a reason this breed in it’s A-Day was used to represent America and was used as America’s family dog. People forget, and you will never hear of a pure bloodline Pit bred by professionals attacking a person. I dare you to find that story.

      • “Pure Bloodline?” Being bred by a “professional” breeder has little to no bearing on the dogs temperament as the breed was bred to attack and kill. The dog’s doing what it was bred to do when it attacks something. They’re big Terriers with a genetic defect, akin to cleft pallet in humans, bred in; the squished in nose. It makes it difficult for the dog to tell the difference between a small, close thing and a far away, bigger thing, like a child. There is no amount “professional” breeding that will remove the traits that are bred into the dog ON PURPOSE. You can’t prevent a Pitt Bull from attacking, locking its jaws and shaking, until dead, something small and moving any more than you could breed-out a Retrievers instinct to fetch, or a Shepperd’s instinct to herd, or a Pointer’s instinct to point at game. It’s what the dog is supposed to do. It’s not wrong when it attacks. That is what the animal is for. “Proper” breeding will only give a dog more inclined to attack. Stop blaming everyone else for the attacks and thinking your dog is different. If it’s put in a situation where it sees something little and moving it will attack. Just because it hasn’t yet, or never does, means nothing. The dogs that attack and kill people or dogs are, for the most part, the same dog as you have at home from a “professional” breeder. In fact, the people that fight them or use them as guard dogs for a drug stash or something similar, a barbaric and horrible thing to do, are among the only Pitt Bull owners who know how to handle their animals, as they have no delusions about how dangerous and unpredictable the animal can be. The vast majority of attacks, both lethal and non and on humans or other animals, come from family dogs purchased from “reputable” breeders. Furthermore, there is no “pure breed” of Pitt Bull; they are made from a mix of other breeds, even if they are a stabilized, recognized breed that produces like offspring. All Pitt Bulls come from a small handful of original population; they are all inbred. Genetic testing on random samples of different dogs from around the country, and taking place over a course of years, found NO Pitt Bull with out genetic degradation from significant inbreeding. Lastly, for the sake of the animals themselves, and any other breed with squished snout bred in, they should not be bred at all any more. It is a painful genetic defect that was bred into some dogs for vanity’s sake; to make an interesting looking dog. The poor animal has trouble breathing, seeing, smelling and is in pain. If you want to have a dog that’s responsible for hundreds of attacks and killings, then keep it away from the rest of us. Get a yard with a fence over 10′ and going into the ground a few feet, with plenty of room for the dog, and leave it there. Don’t People don’t want your monster dog around them, their children or their dogs and you’re not going to convince us otherwise. The dogs will be banned outright soon enough. Would having a different breed of dog next be that bad that you’re willing to risk your own life and the lives of your family and anyone else who happens to encounter your dog? It’s a genetically defective dog bred to kill. There is only 1 other breed that attacks and/or kills people with any regularity, a few that occasionally kill/attack 1 or 2 people a year and the rest never kill anyone, never maim anyone, never seriously injure anyone, never kill other dogs and when they do bite it’s a single small bite on the hand, not the throat and/or face. If the dogs are so great and nice then why are they, with the exception of one other breed, not only the only dog to kill and maim people but do it hundreds of times more, despite being a breed that accounts for a relatively small percent of the overall dog population? Why don’t other dogs from “unprofessional” breeders, or dogs “not raised properly” kill and maim people and other dogs? If those where the reasons for Pitt Bull aggression, then why don’t other breeds of dogs react the same way under the same conditions? My family has been professionally training dogs for 5 generations, for everything from hunting dogs to police dogs to rescue dogs to service dogs. I/we know exactly what you can train a dog to do and what is just part of their nature, what traits are bred into them and from that experience any of us would tell you that you can’t teach a Pitt Bull to attack and kill small moving things. That’s what they do, it’s what they’re supposed to do; that’s the dog doing its job. Can’t you get that? That is what the dogs are for; they’re work dogs. Don’t try and relate to the dog, like “oh, poor Pitt Bull, you’re just misunderstood and need some love, like me. If I love you and am nice to you, you’ll be a nice dog that loves people too.” Do not personify the dog or try to relate it’s reputation to yours; you’re a person and it’s a dog, one bred to kill.

  18. My grandson has 2 pits, on male and 1 female, the female is under a year and the male is 3 years old, he got out of our fence just day before yesterday, he jumped into a neighbor’s fence and killed a female boxer and injuried a german shepard/lab mix. My question is if this dog is not put down is their any hope for him, as far as him going to a rescue and retraining of him. He has been a very good dog, has shown no aggression towards our other dogs (we have a min-pin, heiz 57, and an old dachaud, that thinks he is alpha dog)has never even growled at my dogs. They had a aut dog feeder in this yard and I believe this is why he killed the boxer and injured the other dog because of the food, I am sure the boxer tried to protect her food and he attacked her. We are heart broken over all of this, as of right now my grandson goes to court on the 24th so the dog is on a court ordered hold. We don’t know what will happen but I hate to see this dog put done.
    also this dog was raised with my 2 year old great-grandson and was nothing but well behaved with this child. We have pictures of the boy and the dog asleep in the kennel together with the gate shut, because my great-grandson would close the door to the kennel. Thank-you…

    • I’d hate to say it, but he’ll probably be put down. This is why owners must have fool proof ways of preventing fatal situations. Pits naturally have issues with other animals, especially unfamiliar animals. They’re great with humans with proper breeding, but if they see an animal they’re not familiar with, it’s natural for them to “chase”, not necessarily maul. My dog will run as fast as he can to other dogs and they always get defensive and bite at him. Luckily he’s pretty tolerant of other animals, so I’ve never had a big issue. But if your pit chased the other dog with no intention to attack, the dog may have gotten defensive and attacked first. Either way this will be a pretty bad lawsuit against you guys. Hope everything goes well.

    • I’m not sure if it should be put down for attacking another dog. I once had a dog that would NEVER harm a human, however, one day my neighbor’s Chow Chow jumped the fence and was running toward me. I’ve known this Chow Chow for years and I’m pretty sure it was coming over to play. My dog, who was a Border Collie/ Golden Retriever mix, took this as a threat and attacked the Chow, unfortunately harming it severely. I’m still not sure if the Chow Chow would have hurt me, but Snowy, my dog, did not take any chances. Animal aggression is different from human aggression. Pit Bulls were breed to take down BULLS! So they do have some animal aggression. Since you don’t know for sure who picked the fight, I would assume that you’re safe, unless he has shown any aggression toward you.

  19. You are citing dog populations from 2007 and matching them with fatal attack statistics from the 80s and 90s. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

    Also, why are the numbers given only for Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Chows? Were they the only 3 breeds you could find that kill with a higher rate than Pit Bulls? I’d like to see the statistics for, say, the 30 most common domesticated dog breeds.

    I wonder how pit bulls would compare to Labrador/Golden Retrievers, Aussie Shepherds and Collies, for instance.

    • It’s not about them not being capable of doing harm. The numbers are the only what’s available, and I took the averages. When I did this, studies were not done on “Safe-Considered” dogs. If they are now, I’m not sure. I stated this is not perfect and stated the sources I had. The point of this article is to show even though there are 10x the Pit Bulls as there are these other breeds, their percentage of fatal attacks is still lower, so in general are less dangerous than the other breeds. When you’ve got 5 million estimated Pits in the US being, many bred improperly, there’s no doubt people are going to get nasty ones in their family homes when they buy from local scum off the street.

      • There are 10x more pitbulls NOW. How many were there in 1979-1998 when the fatal attacks occurred? Those are the figures you should be using.

      • ….fatalities caused by dogs….
        pit bulls……………….71%
        rottweiler ……………..13%
        all other breeds…………3% U.S. DOG POPULATION …78 million
        PIT BULL POP………..5.5 million
        i wouldn’t want to be blamed for any tragedy
        because of my influence in their decisions
        the numbers should speak for themselves

  20. You guys are living on another planet and clueless. Go back and read the statisics again. I hear the same old story, “it is how you raise your sweet little pit bull. It does not matter that they were bred to take an ox down by its snout and then tear its throat out.” They all say the same thing until it eats there first born child. Get a grip on reality guys!

    • No it is how they’re bred but it is from where they came from, if the breeder is trusted and not some random of the street then they will be safe and it is better to get them when they are yound so they can get used to you.

  21. Listen people i have a beautiful pitbull who has the temperament of a lab. She wouldn’t hurt a fly and that is because of how we raised her. now we also have a Chihuahua and i can honestly say you should be more scared of him than the pit. when our pit gets older i’m sure she may show tiny signs of aggression but thats common is many dogs as they age.

    • You are not a smart person…if both dogs turned on you which could you most likely fight off?? The risk of having a dog with that much power is absolutely insane! Sorry, don’t believe this breed is worth it! The sad part is most people acquire these dogs as a fashion statement instead of how the breed fits their lifestyle.

  22. What’s the source for these numbers? I’m not sure how I feel about pitbulls yet, but a website called “defendpitbulls.com” that gives out ebooks on pitbull care sounds a little biased.

    • Well if it sounds biased to you, It’s a Pit Bull site. I wouldn’t have done a Pit Bull site if I had pure unbiased opinions. But the stats are stats. And until you can go against the stats with new or opposing stats to say mine are wrong (and you’re right, the sources I had seem to be not working now), I don’t know what to tell you… But if you read, it explains where the numbers come from and why those are the numbers chosen.

      • pit rescue man on

        your study from 78-89 can be found at cdc.gov. the study used to get the fatality statistics is also located there. people need to understand the range of an issue before lending their opinion. the “bull breeds” have been in existence since the 1400’s, it wasn’t until July of 1987, that the media all of a sudden found all these demonizing stories and “studies” about the “bull breeds”. Thank you Sports Illustrated, who later amended their stance.
        I leave you with my favorite pit bull qoute,
        “The monster is often the two legged animal on the other end of the leash”.

  23. Also, does anyone have an alternative theory on why people think Pitbulls(American) are aggressive? They just made it up?

  24. I’ve known many Rottweilers, Dobermans, and Pitbulls. Of those, none of the Rotts & one of the Dobermans have harmed humans or other dogs. All except one of the Pitbulls have attacked people or other dogs. That being said if the other breeds are aggressive too, get rid of them all and get another breed!!! The this one is aggressive too bit doesn’t have any merit! Bite people on a regular basis regardless of the cause or whose fault and….BYE!!! You idiots are more worried about a dog breed than one person??? lol I hope you shitheads get mauled by a Yorkie.

  25. People who are willfully ignorant about how dangerous these dogs CAN be are just as bad as the people trying to get the breed banned. I don’t think they need to be banned, but I do think there need to be very strict regulations regarding this breed. Yeah the majority are sweet and docile, I own a pit bull myself but I don’t ignore the fact that I need to be vigilant about the dog’s socialization and training. I also need to be able to read my dog’s body language and recognize when I’m in a bad situation. You can’t deny the fact the dog has the power to kill. So make people aware of the responsibility owning one of these wonderful dogs is.

    • But you have to be that way with ANY dog. We have both a pit bull and a miniature schnauzer. I bet you can guess who the bigger threat is in my house.

      With the schnauzer, she’s smaller so it’s easier to ignore her behavior, however her bites hurt and she’s fast. Her body language is much more difficult to read.

      With our pit, she is very easy to read.

      My point in this is that with ANY dog, you have to watch body language. You have to socialize them and they should be trained.

  26. I want to know when are people going to start being held accountable for there actions. And the same goes for kids today, It seems to me lets blame someone else or dogs .I work in the animal field and it’s been 16 years and the only dog that has tried to bite me is German shepherd ,rottweiler, chows,sharpei ,chihuahuas ,lab etc. so far in 16 years every pit that I have seen has been a sweetheart And the owners of them are responsible owners . It burns me up with all this crap going on with this breed how many people know the Petey from the little rascals was a pit bull ? ? It’s not the animals fault because humans want to be a–holes .I think everyone should have to get a license to own pets and take a class so the cute little puppy that is now grown dosen’t wind up in the shelter. Because he grew up and the same should go for all animals. Do people know that when 101 Dalmatians came out in the movies people were going out and buying them for there kids. And if you do research. They are not a good breed for children so many of them were taken to the shelters and dropped off on the streets and left, so wake up people and start being responsible. For your actions and raise your kids the same way !!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Thank you so much for your info, could I put some info on my website, I am trying to decrease dog abuse and spread info on it. I feel so bad for Pit Bulls, I swear that when I went to the local animal shelter more than half the dogs were Pit Bull mixes!!!!

  28. You should all get your head out of your a$$ and ask yourself this question: “why is it that people who fight dogs choose the pit bull as a preferred breed?”…and there is the answer to all of your idiot assertions that this breed is not dangerous. Thank you and have a nice day

    • An here’s another idiot assertion.

      People also fight other animals, you just don’t hear about it as much because of the stigma attached. Pit bulls are VERY trainable and extremely smart – they are also, like many other breeds, extremely strong.

      And loyalty would be the reason they’re chosen. They’ll do just about anything their owners asks of them, even putting themselves in harm’s way.

    • They are chosen because they are people pleasing dogs that are taught and baited to fight. They are not dangerous the people training them are. This is a breed that wants to make it’s owners happy no matter what. Do yourself a favor and do some research on bait dogs then you can have a nice day.

    • Nick, see if you can pull your head out of your ass and understand this:
      Are Pit Bulls Bred to Be Aggressive To Dogs?

      Simply put, you cannot breed aggression into a dog. That goes for aggression toward humans, dogs, and other animals. Aggression is, by definition, a behavior, and behavior is influenced by both genetics and environment. To quote from one of our affiliate’s sites, wherein temperament and behavior is discussed (http://happypitbull.com/basics/temperament.html), John Paul Scott is a renowned scientific researcher who was interested in the interplay between genetics and behavior. He did experiments with mice to determine whether highly aggressive mice could be created through breeding. “The experiments with mice show us that aggression has to be learned. Defensive fighting can be stimulated by the pain of an attack, but aggression, in the strict sense of an unprovoked attack, can only be produced by training… Heredity can enter into the picture only in such ways as lowering or raising the threshold of stimulation, or modifying the physical equipment for fighting… In considering hereditary effects, we must always remember that the environmental situation is also important…” – John Paul Scott, Aggression.

      • You’re joking, right? The debate over genetics and violent behavior is at best undecided. IF WE ARE WRONG LESS PEOPLE ARE ATTACKED, if we are right, less people are attacked. WIN! WIN! Get it?

      • Pitbulls have to be taught to be fighters. I have had two pitpulls and they both have been very gentle and fun loving animals. If you are mean to any animal they will turn on you. That is a fact not a myth.

    • wooow..your an idiot…they didn’t CHOOSE this breed they MADE this breed to kill. the pit-bull was GENETICALLY engineered to do combat..does that mean that its their fault that people treat them like crap?! nooo! its ignorant people like you that piss me off. and just like seezig said many maany types of dogs are used for fighting pit-bulls just get the horrible rap for it. And it idiots like you that cant look past their history. its pretty pathetic if you ask me…by the way since African Americans make up the majority or crimes in the united states, maybe we should start baning them too right? cuz obviously they are too dangerous to have right??? exactly see how effing stupid that sounds?sounds just as stupid when u label an entire breed of dogs cuz of stupid people not knowing how to raise them correctly. this site is for people who open there eyes and hearts to this breed because of ignorant people like you! get a freaking life and go spout your BS to somebody who wants to listen to it..thank you and go eff youself 🙂

      • You’re the one that sounds like an idiot telling ppl to go eff themselves! You must be one of those that thinks a human life isn’t as important as a dog. Also, lots of dogs aren’t “raised correctly” and they aren’t out mauling people!

  29. I have been doing alot of research due to the fact I have gone back to school after school I have to say that I think is very important to spay or nueter a pit bull, I also have to say that I have a 3 lb chiuaua and my daughter has two pit bulls tinkerbelle and her son dozer, they are the most loving dogs, My little dog rules the house and they have so much patience with him! It is very important to socialize and watch your large dogs, they often want to run up to company to say hello and play they just don’t realize how big and srong they are, the criminals out thier that have taken advantage and abused these dogs for financial gain should be ashamed(including the breeders) I think it very important to screen potential new owners of these wonderful dogs! People need to look back at the history of these dogs, they were once a American symbol, President Roosevelt owned one, and they were often referred to as nanny dogs because of thier relationships with thier owners and especially the children! The breed did not just turn bad, greedy sick minded people made SOME of them that way for thier sick entertianment and money! PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY IS CRUCIAL WHEN OWNING ANY LARGE DOG!

  30. The website lists that there were about 6million Pit Bulls in the US in 2007. I believe that is accurate because
    I read there are about 10 million now and there are about 77 million dogs in our country. So 1 out of 7 to 10 dogs are Pit bulls which puts them as the most popular breed type of dog since a vast majority are not registered with the AKC. I’m sure that most of you do not want any regulations on this breed, but the numbers tell a very sad statistic. There are too many in the country. Spay/neuter requirements need to be put in place to get this under control. I have spoken to many animal control officers at shelters and was shocked to learn that 60 to 90% of the dogs were pit bulls and that 95% of them would be euthanized. They said, an estimated 1 million pit bulls are euthanized each year and the total numbers are still climbing. That’s a really big pile of dead dogs. We need to stop breeding them.

    • Majority of us want to stop the excess breeding. Those that breed in their backyards over and over again are killing the breed for a quick penny. Yes we believe that owners should be held responsible for their actions, but the over-breeding has to be put to a stop as well. Thanks for your post.

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  32. I am a member of the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation. And I love the Bully Breed.As a vet tech i can say all the pitbulls ive met. including my very own two bitches have proven alllllllll you shit talkers wrong!!!! That ignorant ass Steve can go get mawled by a rottweiler for all i care. I have nothing to say but… if you are ignorant to the facts about the bullies stick to ur damn yorkies and labs. pitbulls require smart owners to bring the best out of them shit they might just not like you because they sense your ignorance and fear!

    • My 7 lb yorkie was attacked UNPROVOKED by my sister’s friend’s pitbull. My sister was walking her friend home from school after they stopped by my house to pick up my dog. After dropping her friend off at the girls driveway, my sister turned around to go home. Upon entering her house, my sister’s frind’s pitbull slipped out the front door. My sister was 50 yards away from her friend’s driveway when she heard her friend calling for the pitbull. The pitbull charged my sister and our yorkie. My sister picked up our dog, the pitbull made THREE lunges for our yorkie before he finally was able to grab ahold and yank him from my sister’s grasp. The pit proceeded to grab ahold and shake my dog. It was not until the friend arrived and grabbed a hold of her pit that the it finally released its grip on my yorkie. Even then the pitbull continued to make lunges toward my yorkie who lay dead and motionless on the street.

      While speaking to the girls parents about what had happened, they stated that nothing like this had ever happened before. They had had the dog since it was a puppy, the dog had never bitten anybody, never showed aggression towards anyone, etc. and that they were going to take it to aggressive/obedience training/evaluation.

      My sister has been over to this girls house several times, and each time been around the pit bull. The family of the pitbull also has 2 chihuahuas. Before this event, I probably never would have owned a pit bull, but also never was an “anti-pitbull advocate”. With all things I stated considered, could someone explain to me why I would not want there to be stricter laws against pitbulls, or against breeds deemed “dangerous” in general. Or why I would be inclined to believe any of the facts about pitbulls that say they are anything but “killing machines”.

      I ask this out of true curiosity. I’m not trying to be discredit pit bulls, pit bull owners, pit bull advocates, etc. I honestly would like some enlightenment on the issue, considering what my family went through, because right now I’m a skeptic . . .

      • I am so sorry that this happened to you. I am new to owning a Pittie, but have to say that she has a VERY high prey drive. She has gone after several bunnies and squirrels in the last few months.

        This is why, as the owner, you need to take the time to properly train your large dog to sit back nawab from the door when you are going in and out. They honestly don’t know the difference between your beloved tiny dog and the squirrel running up the tree. They are animals. Despite the fact that I LOVE MY PITTIE DEARLY I would never put her in a situation where she could gain access to a small dog…..period.

        She is VERY strong and wants to play with everyone and everything. It is possible that the Pit bull’s intention was not to kill your dog….I wasn’t there….but I can imagine how scary it must’ve been to witness a strange dog, basically charging toward you and trying to protect your dog…..

        I really am so sorry. I just know that every Pittie I have encountered has been so kind and gentle. They LOVE hugs and think that they are lap dogs.

        However, they are also very dominant dogs and will attempt to dominate their owners if given the chance. This is where the work and training comes in when owning this kind of dog. It takes time….a lot of time to properly train and handle a bully breed. Obviously, that dog didn’t have the proper training or it wouldn’t have run out the door in the first place.

        I can go in and out of my front door without fear that my dog is going to bolt. That took 6 months to establish and we reinforce the behavior every day.

        Again, I can’t tell you how sorry I am to hear your story. I have had many different breeds as pets over the years. I don’t discriminate against one breed or another. All dogs are just as valuable and mean as much to their owners.

        I hope that you find a way to forgive the pit bulls of the world. They really are amazing, beautiful animals.

        • My dog was just recently attacked by a pitbull as well when my mom was walking him. The difference was that he was tied up, but due to the strength of this breed, was able to free himself and get to my dog (who was on the sidewalk-not invading his space whatsoever). We’re pretty confident that had he not chosen by 11 pound dog as his “prey”, it would have been by mom’s leg or her 14 pound dog that she was also walking who would have taken the heat.

          Like Christine, I never was a pitbull hater but I always kept my eyes on them as I find them pretty shifty. We know the owners of the dogs and I can promise you, that they have their dogs trained to listen. Had they not had that much of a handle on their dog and commanded him to stop seconds after the attack began, my dog would not be alive. I’m just thankful, as owners, they trained their dog to listen to them.

          So my only conclusion is that the pitbull itself was the dangerous one, and reacted the only way it knows how. It’s also interesting to me that since this incident, I have heard of 3 other attacks on small dogs by pitbulls just over the course of a couple days from people I know and see daily.

          The breed is dangerous because of their size and the likelihood of fatality once they connect to their “prey.” They are aggressive by nature and can snap at any time regardless of their training. Owners need to be aware of the risk they take on when deciding to own a pitbull, and sadly most don’t. This particular event will cost my mom’s neighbors $700-$800. And had it been more, they’d be footing the bill for that too. My poor dog now sits with a drainage tube because of the extensive tissue damage caused by the pitbull’s bite. He also sports a pretty sizable bandage and cries from the pain. Ignorance is easy to come by when you love your animal. Just make sure your ass is covered when they decide to turn to the dark side.

          • To taw pit bulls do not just snap for no reason. Theres no scientific evidence that they are crazy or snap for no reason in fact the only dog that may snap is labs type of dog and is a rare condition . Growing up I had a chow chow mix with lab and that dog was a monster why because I was young and didn’t know how to train and discipline the dog now I have pit bulls and I trained n disciplined them and do not treat them like kids like most human being treat their dogs.This is one of the reason why we have this problem.To many ppl shouldn’t have dogs because they do not know how to train and discipline there pets. Also a lot of dogs like to run up to people and other dogs to play n this does not mean they are going to attack you, people need to learn how to read the dog body language .A dog that is animal or human aggressive is not gonna stop even if the owner calls him. My pit bulls love all type of animal why because I trained n disciplined them.

          • people who keep their pit chained are a or any dog fir that fact. that has been proven to cause aggression in dogs. of course they will act out when they get get loose. why own a dog if you are going to chain it to a tree in the yard. pits are people lovers and need to be inside pets. i own two. and any outside time for them is supervised by me. you have to be extremely responsible and protect your pit from being in a bad situation, several breeds of dogs are not dog tolerant. i never give my dogs the oppotunity to screw up. they are a wonderful breed with a great temprament. only they are extremenly determined and strong.that is why they can be dangerous. my 20 year old daughter still has a scar on her upper lip from being bitten by a small shitzu type dog.

      • Do not believe the owner that the dog never done this or tried to bite someone or another animal. A lot of owner can’t even tell the warning sigh their dogs give before something like this happen. Also a lot of owner are to much in love with their dogs that they can not see the bad things they do.i have a pit bull and I treat it like a dog not human . A lot of people get pits and they treat them like if they are babies n u can’t treat any dogs like that because ur going to have a monster as a dog. I see this happens a lot at the dog park with all type of dogs not just pit bulls.ive got into a lot of fight with owners at the dog park because they let their dogs do whatever the hell they want. My pit bull and her daughter been attack so many times at the dog park but they never fight back because they know better and I’m always there to defend my dogs from aggressive dogs.

    • What, exactly, do you all mean by “bad breeding?” Are you all trying to say mixed breeds are more aggressive then “pure-breeds?” Any other dog that someone breeds “in their back yard” isn’t more likely to kill you, why would Pitt Bulls be so? There is no way to get a genetically “pure” Pitt Bull, no matter where you get it from; they are all inbred, as they all come from a rather small original number of dogs that have been breeding with each other for decades, maybe centuries. It’s not the breeding, though that plays a role, it’s not, entirely, the way the dogs raised, though not raising/training/socializing a dog will have bad results, it’s what the dogs were bred for, aggression and killing. Like how retrievers were bred to fetch. You can no more train the desire to attack and kill things out a Pitt Bull then you can you could do the same for fetching in a Lab. You can train a lab to not chase a ball until you say it’s O.K., but you can NEVER be sure the dog won’t take off after a ball when it gets excited. Except with most other dogs the worst that will happen is they chase a ball or some other harmless activity that the dog was engineered to do so a human wouldn’t have to, with a Pitt Bull the same situation results in a death or a serious attack. There are about 25 houses on my street. Right now there are 3 different children that have been SERIOUSLY injured by Pitt Bull attacks, 1 from the family’s own dog that bought from a reputable breeder, taken to professional trainers as a puppy, properly socialized and treated as a loved member of the family, until the child got too close, within 4 or 5 feet, of the digs food bowl. So it TORE HER FAE OFF. She has no kind of life; so scarred up she refuses to go be around other children. The other 2 attacks weren’t as bad, but still serious. In one, the Pitt Bull broke a chain to attack a kid walking by its yard; the dog had to be killed to get it to release the child. 3 attacks from Pitt bulls in 25 houses. A few others, myself included, have been bit by other breeds, none serious or to the face or neck, which Pitt Bulls are bred to do; that was their job when it was necessary, for some people, to have a dog that performed that job. Unless you happen to need a dog that rips things throats out for you, there’s no need to take the risk with a Pitt Bull. I feel terrible for the dogs, and they do have an undeserved reputation to an extent. But just because your Pitt Bull is good and sweet, doesn’t mean the next one will be. Even if 99.9% of the Pitt Bulls out there are sweet loving animals that wouldn’t hurt anyone/thing, with millions of them out there that percentage isn’t good enough. Dogs were originally bred and kept to help humans do work. Now, for the most part, that isn’t true. We have dogs as companions. Which, unfortunately, eliminates the need for some breeds of dogs. For Pitt Bulls to remain a viable and responsible option as a household pet they are going to have to breed with other breeds of dogs, ones more suited to live in the world as it is today. Granted, there are exceptions; I grew up in the country and know that there are places where a Pitt Bull would be the right choice. But those places are not in the city or the suburbs or in small towns or even small developments; it is on farms where the dogs have room and there aren’t other people and dogs around to cause “accidents” where the dog thinks it needs to defend something/someone/itself. I, too, have seen many Pitt Bulls that are great. I’ve also seen a lot that I would never want anywhere near me, my family or my dog. And there’s no way to tell the difference between the 2 when your at the dog park and see a lose Pitt Bull running around. That is the problem we all have Pitt Bulls; there is no way for the rest of us to know if a random one is going to kill us or lick us or ignore us. Yes, the same is true of any/all dogs, but a Lab won;t pull your throat out. To those that have expressed interest, I am compiling current statistics on Pitt Bull attacks, and attacks from all breeds and “mutts.” It will be posted shortly. There is a lot of emotion on this site, as there should be, from both sides, but, as this issue has clearly reached a tipping point, it’s time to put emotion aside and look at the issue rationally, for both sides to admit the other has merit and that any kind of real solution needs to be reached calmly and with respect for the other side; we’re talking about people’s dogs, and the safety of people’s kids. We can not simply tell people that they can not have their dog if it’s done nothing wrong. But Pitt Bull owners have to understand that their animal is, potentially, lethal and a lot of people don’t want the animals around them. There has to be a middle ground, though.

  33. I can’t stand the way the media, newspapers, some internet sites, ignorant people, etc say about pitbulls. Nobody ever look at the times the rocks attack people. No that would be too simple. I LOVE PITBULLS!!! I will continue to LOVE pitbulls. I wish people would just listen to facts and not pictures. Blame the owner not the breed!!!!

  34. I absolutely LOVE this site! I have two pits of my own and they are incredibly amazing! I wouldn’t trade them for the world! I hope people find this site and have their minds changed about this phenomenal breed! THANKS FOR ALL THE POSITIVITY THAT THESE BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS DESERVE!!!


    I love my Pitbull he’s awesome i run Stop Pitbull Bans due to I use to train dogs. and i have owned two pits and never once while training pit did i ever have a problem being bit or attacked. i have been bit a couple times though but not buy pits. not that it matters i dont blame the dog for something he or she was tought thats not fair and sometime dogs bite when you put your hand infront of their face or try to take teir food their all different my dog anything could eat with him i tell him no and it dont matter what it is he know i said no. and i raise three children with him and they can do what they want to him come check my page out on facebook Stop Pitbull Bans have a nice day Mike.

  36. Just found your site and first niticed very ignorant comment,could not resist replying…
    By the way… support you with all my heart,knowing the breed makes a huge diffrence..Love those highly inteligent and cuddly canines…

  37. I’m not sure what purpose your graph is supposed to serve other than convincing stupid people that pit bulls are less likely to fatally attack. You’re using pit bull and dog population data from 2007 alone, yet your data from pit bull fatalities spans from 1979 – 1998?? 2007 isnt even included in or anywhere close to that time frame. It is idiotic to compare data from an arbitrary year to data compiled from almost two decades. The result is skewed and completely meaningless, and only serves the purpose of making pit bulls look like they’re less likely to fatally attack, which may, or (most likely) may not, be true. If you are interested in doing the graph the right way, which even then, still won’t tell you much, you should use fatality data from 2007, or use dog population data from 1979 – 1998. Then, if pit bulls are still at the bottom of the list, you can have somewhat of a real reason to act all smug about your results.

    • The last time fatal bite data was recorded was in that windowed time for each of these breeds. There isn’t much data on actual “Pit Bull” statistics because “Pit Bull” is considered 3-4 breeds depending on what state you are in. This page was written over 2 years ago. The reason I used 2007 population, is because it was the last time population data was taken. And it’s a big estimate at that. I’m only using figures that were given. If there were over 9 million Pit’s in the USA I still took it down to 5 Million just so it didn’t seem overwhelming, and skewed. These are the best estimates that exist, so if you’d like to take some hardcore data on millions of dogs over the next three years, be my guest. Yes this article was written in a somewhat cocky tone, and I am older, and have grown up with maturing views on this topic. I’m also sorry It took a couple days to approve your comment. You may be able to tell I’m not updating this website as much as I used to.

      • I’m not disputing your numbers. The data could be spot on for all I know. I’m not saying the numbers themselves are wrong or skewed, because I don’t doubt that you got them from credible sources. What I’m disputing is the method that was used to make the graph, which was a bit like comparing apples to oranges. Anyone who knows anything about statistics or any physical science will tell you that you can’t compare data from two different time frames. For example, if I were to make a graph on the percentage of people who died from cancer in the US in a year, and used cancer mortality rates from 1980 and the US population from 2010, the results would be wrong no matter how you looked at it. This is essentially what you are doing, only what you are doing is even worse because instead of comparing one year to one year, you are comparing one year to twenty years. If fatal bite data isn’t available for the time frame in question, in your case, 2007, then find dog population data from 1979-1998, or better yet, make an entirely different graph altogether.

        • You may be confused here. The statistics that started in 1978 were to find a constant number which was a number of bite statistics. This actually is more accurate, because nothing exists for 2010 statistics. If they had exact numbers for the year 2010, population and bite statistics, we would only be able to account for the year. Reported attacks aren’t released for months after the years end, let alone a population report, which aren’t even taken for Pit Bulls. I know what you’re thinking and there’s no way to put the track of population with the bites, is the point I’m trying to make. The population from the other breeds, is used on most recent numbers as well. This is the most accurate, these charts can be, based on the information I have. The information is not skewed towards Pit Bulls. The variables are the same for all the breeds I’ve used.

  38. Pitbulls are a misunderstood breed and until understanding it brought to the American people, pitbulls will be in danger in this country.

    That’s right, folks. Pitbulls are the victims, victims of discriminatory legislation in some areas to ban the breed.

    Pitbulls are a very lovable breed of dogs. It is true that a pitbull will defend itself against attack, but defence does not equal aggression. Defense is defense.

    • One minor problem with the stats above; its missing a 1 in front of the number of deaths caused by Pit Bulls….the number should be closer to 166 from 1982 to 2010. Yes humans have made the breed violent, but its not logical to get rid of humans, we can get rid of our mistake. Ban the breed and stop the lines.

      • The objective is not to get rid of humans. No one, at least not many are saying to put humans on death row for breeding or fighting Pit Bulls. Obviously that is not logical. The point is to give them more than 3 months of jail time, so they are less likely to do it again.

        There are many reputable breeders and many dog clinics, that have dedicated their lives to keep this breed alive as it once was before the massive inbreedings and overpopulation. This breed is still very much alive and well, but for some reason people hate them so much. Obviously it’s because people are getting attacked and it seems like someones cat is being killed every day. Pit Bulls are animal aggressive, and trained improperly, very territorial towards humans.

        Examples include, no exercise(they thrive on this), being chained to any object (they will get loose eventually, and will act on pure instinct), and even so much as 0 socializing towards new people or other animals at any time in their life. Responsible owners are so hard to come by because people truly do not understand the breed, and how much work it can take to prepare them for a world that hates them.

      • Yeah right like inner city kids that join gang go pull them numbers i mean all ya gotta do is dispose of them problem solved.

        To you obviously animals are not family, to me,”on side note your name sickens me my first pits name was TCB Takin Care Bizness called him TT or T dog” anyway my dogs are part of my family me personally I’ve never been affected by legislation and the day I am well you will read it in the news. The town I’m from has breed ban but it only states you cant own if you live in city limits, so just to exercise my freedoms I make it a point to take my two biggest males and walk em through town couple times a week, I don’t know how it was passed cause I’ve never had anyone say a word other than police about it my males are 80 and 90 lbs you would think elderly people would fear em to me that would be understandable but I’ve never received anything but understanding and outrage once they see the animals and there behavior.
        What do you think will happen if they killed every pit in us everything will be better? No sorry all the POS’s that neglect and abuse there dogs will choose another breed prob rot then dob then box then what no matter what low lives will own animals and breed aggression in them no matter the breed of dog.
        What is happening is equivalent to Hitler’s rein but hey we the US granted his most evil scientist and so called doctors immunity in exchange for there service. FREE MY ASS, you watch what happens let USA pass a nation wide breed band on pits cause the true pit lovers don’t live in city limits my friend and never will for that matter, for this exact reason i love my dogs enough that they affect were I choose to live.
        As for your comment “Yes humans have made the breed violent” it should state,”Yes humans have made dogs violent” I will defend the APBT as long as i live or until im proven wrong about them show me all the stats and BS, the True fact is Pitbulls are favored by Criminals and dog fighters so what will happen if you put say rot in place of pit, I dont have statistics and graphs for ya I have a breeders knowledge of owning and researching the breed for 13 years and if you take every pit out of US Things will be worse than they are now your statistics will rise if they are true you may ask why that is, well the main reason is in early 1900’s pits were thought of as useless as a watch dog. Go ahead laugh it up do some research for yourself, I love the dogbite.org site place is joke they state all these rules about dog fighting how its done history but neglect to mention why we have this human aggression in breed now and not 70 years ago. Once bull baiting and Ratting was banned and people began fighting dogs against dogs there was a strict rule if the dog ever bites a human even while in ring during fight it was to be shot on spot and that rule was obeyed by majority of dog fighters in late 1800’s early 1900’s by doing that they killed human aggression out of the breed, then it gained popularity and the rule was forgotten by most. Pitbulls majority of them don’t posses human aggression naturally, they will defend a member of it’s pack to the death if a fight or flight reflex is kicked, and they have potential to do serious damage to other animals and or humans just because of there physical characteristics, so do chow, box,and countless other breeds. My origional point being replace a rot in the pits place there line never endured 100+ years of killing human aggression out of breed so what do you think will happen when the same people breeding pits to fight breed rots to fight you will have a true monster that will have no instinct what to attack be animal or human it will be a killing machine for years to come until by killing the human aggression out of the dog so all you will do by banning the pit is set dog fighting back to it origins cause they are forced to start over with new breed. I by no means condone or support fighting of these dogs it brings tears to my eyes to see what human do to these animals, however i do acknowledge the breed and what they were initially bred to do and there are few people with enough knowledge to know how to use those traits as a positive one being weight pulling these dogs have pulled 6000 lbs on a track not for food or whipped into doing it they do it to please the owner, thats what a pit lives to do no matter what, it’s goal is to please its owner. Another example pits excel at and im sure most people feel this to against animal rights but the fact is they excel at hunting wild boars or pigs simply they were created to take down a full size 2000lb Bull in the UK so naturally they are in there natural world holding down boars, most videos on youtube are of idiots allowing dogs to excessively hold animal even after he’s been stuck but thats the human not the dog the human could call off the dogs at any moment but wanna show what they do to other animals for macho reasons or whatever dumb hicks but the truth is boars are hunted with dogs and pitbulls excel at it as well as weight pulling and they do it on instinct and to please it’s owner.
        A Sharpe is the only dog to ever attack me. I went to a friends house they weren’t home i walked to there front door knocked the dog sat by door growling in low tone as i turned after realizing no one was home i turned to walk to care the dog hit my forearm i ripped my arm from his mouth upon release he instantly hit me right above knee i then grabbed him by the saggy fur and through the animal across deck prob 10 feet and then squared to the dog it started to charge at that moment i drew back fist and in my head was gonna have to fight this dog till it gave up or died one of the two it stopped about 5 feet from me and sat and growled i backed to car and didnt turn back on animal. After that i did some research cause it baffled me I’ve owned pits Dobermans about all the bully breeds along with Cockerspaniel for 16 years and pomeranian i had never witnessed human aggression in any animal like the one in that Sharpe. The owner was close friend the dog wasn’t abused or neglected but a Sharpe is extremely protective of home and family, all i did was knock on the door and that induced a attack but the dog felt he was defending home or felt me there when family gone that I was a threat to him or his home, this is a proven characteristic in Sharpe’s I know a 10 year old would have been seriously injured or a person that feared dogs no matter adult kid didn’t matter if i would have turned back to the animal and tried to run it would have induced more of a fight instinct and would have become more aggressive in its attack.

        next time you wanna throw out the numbers of attacks “pitbull” is referred to as any block headed broad chested dog no matter what it actually is. There is good chance i could show you pics of boxer and you wouldn’t know difference if i said it was pit you’d agree with me and that goes for alot of lab mixes Ive seen. Pitbull pertains to so many breeds staff bulldog english bull bull terrier as well as APBT. So if you classify all the bully breeds as a pitbull well no shit its stats are huge put all rot dob shephard attacks together and compare and pits still are referred to by more than 3 breeds, you think you could tell diffrence in pitbull and bull mastiff or how about a Kane Korso your breed bans and legislation is a mockery of our United States Constitution Pits were here before us they’ll be here after us I suggest people learn to deal with fear of animals and harsh punishment for bad owners you wanna pass laws make a leash law on them make a on chain law on em but it’s not right to punish good dogs and dog owners for the ignorance of few but this is the USA were we will sacrifice thousands for oil profits then elect his son to run country like train set daddy gave him. All the while clintons going to hell for gettin his nut sucked LOL. This country and the people who run it is becoming a disgrace to what USA stood for when it was founded. So Live by the creed don’t tread on me and like Hank said a country boy can survive….

      • Wow that’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Nobody said anything about banking people, but tht is a good idea! You think 66 apbt’s out of 5+ million responsible for an attack over the period of many years is bad? Study alcohol or better yet cigarettes. Don’t be an asshole because you are uneducated, you sound like an idiot.

        Love my pitbull 🙂

        • I’m glad you love your pit bull. However, the next time one of your lovely “pitties” attacks my dog, he’s a dead pit bull. Those damned dogs are allowed to get loose regularly and will jump on any dog that happens to walk down the sidewalk. Then try getting them to let go of your dog. Then try getting the owner to pay your vet bill. They should be banned. They’re dangerous dogs.

          • Yes I agree with you partially. A lot of the time, the Pit Bull will run up to a dog as fast as possible with only the intention to sniff and play (very muscular so you could say roughhouse). My dog has done it before, and the other owner begins to freak out, starts yelling and pulling on the dogs chain. The dog freaks out starts barking and now you’ve got a situation. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying this is the owners fault by any means, but the Pit Bull doesn’t always start the fight, however he should have been on a leash in the first place. Therefore the fault should be on the owner. I hope that made sense.

          • First of all, let me start off by saying that you are comletely ridiculous to think that thesse dogs should be banned! If you can read at all, you can plainly see that these dogs are loving, affectionate, and playful…. yes, they can be rough, but that is their nature. It is the STUPIDITY of the “owners” that allow these beautiful animals to be perceived as what they are, and it’s also the STUPIDITY of people that jump on that bandwagon to claim that they are dangerous! Second of all, I’m sure you probably walk around with one of those little “yip-yip” dogs that can drive anyone insane and they probably quiver at the sight of a fly. I’ll take my pitbulls any day over one of those! LOVE MY PITBULLS!

            • What’s ridiculous are people owning these dogs
              fully knowing all the calimty these dogs have caused.By the way hope your pits don’t turn on you one day,then tell me how much you love your pitbulls!!!!!!!!!!!

              • You ma’m are a hypocrite , dogs are individual , they all have different temperaments and personalities so calm yourself.

          • hypocrit. You jsut stated that pitbulls should be banned because they are dangerous, but you turn around and threaten to kill someones animal. thank you for proving that yet agin pit bulls are not dangerous, (no animal is) it is all the owner (human).

          • Diane Davies on

            Your comment is very telling: “…dogs are allowed to get loose…” and “…try getting the owner to pay…” Sounds like you have a neighber who is an IRRESPONSIBLE DOG OWNER. The fault lies with the owner. Call animal control to have him/her made accountable for not having the dog confined, as they should. The dog did not let itself out of the yard on its own, and the owner is an irresponsible POS for not paying your vet bills if his/her dog – whatever its breed – harmed your dog. He/she does not deserve to own a dog, particularly an APBT, if they won’t be responsible for it. It is the OWNER you should blame for failing to socialize and train the dog and then letting it run loose in your neighborhood. Leave the rest of the “pit bulls” alone!

          • Hello-pittie on

            Barbara, my pit was attacked by a golden retriever Monday. That dog came up to him looking for a fight. All my pit wanted to do was play, now he has a puncture wound in the top of his head and a 2 inch cut on his face. I’ve never seen a pit attack in my lifetime but I’ve seen three different golden retrievers being aggressive. I also have cats and parrots and my pit has never been aggressive towards them. He is an amazing animal and I am so lucky to have him. I’m sorry for your ignorance.

          • Not all Pit Bulls are bad!!!!!! Some are kind, one pit pulled her owner out of the way of an on coming train but suffered a fractured pelvis and amputated leg! The laws on dog fighting should be enforced better!!!!!!!!! More should be done to stop other pit bulls from being hurt!

      • You’re an absolute moron and obviously have no knowledge about dog breeds whatsoever. I have two pit bulls and they watch over my 8 year old niece and 2 month old nephew. You are ridiculous. People like you, who are judgemental, ignorant, and don’t know your heads from your asses, should be the fatal statistics because you help contribute to making the breed seem bad. Before you keep running your mouth, put your foot where your mouth is and do a little more reasearch on other websites and get your facts correct. You just successfully made yourself look like a dumbass.

  39. I just joined this site and I would like to know how to get involved with this cause. I love the breed with all my heart and would support any effort I can.

    • These are not even facts. Do you believe everything you read?

      Pit Bulls Make up 59% of all fatal attacks! Yet make up ONLY 5% of the dog population.

      German Shepherds are the 2nd most popular breed in the US., behind Retrievers (Goldens and Labradors) Mixed breed dogs account for more than half (53 percent) of all pet dogs in the U.S. and most common from the German Shepherd.

      Pit Bulls are for the uneducated, ignorant fools.

      • I’m not sure who you’re referring 59% to. Any information I have, I bring from the most reliable places. My numbers were pulled straight from The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association and The American Temperament Test Society. Those are the closest to accurate facts you’re going to get with a breed, barely recognized by dog associations. You should get off your high horse and read a little bit before you judge. You should check out some other articles and comments, because I’ve clearly stated many times, that Pit Bulls are often misidentified, which would obviously inflate numbers. And just so you know, mixed breed or not, if it’s got Pit in it, the news will declare it a Pit Bull Fatality, no matter what. Am I wrong or right?

      • no I believe what i see for myself how about you so keep reading the facts cause no pitbull stats are true Pitbull refers to following breeds:Bull terrier, bull dog, english bulldog, bull mastif, kane korso, boxer, and any dog that is of mixed breed with pit traits is refereed to as pitbull so you think that any of what you read about pits are facts?

        Few people can tell a full blooded pitbull and there not the ones supporting the ban to those people if it has block head broad chest its pit.”Ignorance”

      • Your comment proves that YOU’RE THE IGNORANT ONE. While I recognize that there are some, (very few), “bad apples” in every breed, the motto I use from Barbara Woodhouse, a world renowned dog trainer, is “There are no bad dogs; only bad owners.” At age 50 I just received my BA in science gen ed and I own a pitbull. Does owning a pitbull make me ignorant and uneducated? My beautiful pit Makai was socialized at an early age meeting many people and many dogs. She loves everyone because of this socialization. THAT’S what a responsible dog owner does regardless of the breed.
        How about YOUR “facts”? Where are your citations? Where did YOU get your misinformation? I believe you to be too ignorant, and uneducated to come up with a lucid and factual argument. Go ahead…prove me wrong. You can’t? I didn’t think so.

      • If put bulls are
        So dangourous, why does my pit wimper when there is thunder. Why does my pit lick me so much that I think my arm will fall off. Why does my pit try to kill me with KISSES. Why does every pit I haver ever met come up to me with their tail shaking so much that I am afraid that her but will fall off. Pit bulls are not bad. It’s the assholes that train them to fight that are. You can train any dog to fight. An if pit bulls are so bad, why where they on posters with uncle Sam advertising America. You are the kind of person that gives pitbulls a bad name. You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope you
        Get mauled by a lab that was trained to fight and then say it is just the lab and the pitbull’s falt.

  40. How come there are no solid statistics on how many Americans own pit bulls?
    I believe they make up many more then 5%, 9.6%, even %15. I have lived from Seattle, WA, Bridgeport, CT, Richmond, MN, Tallahassee, FL, and currently live in Las Vegas, NV. The U.S.A. is at least 50% Pit Bulls. Just My opinion, I own a 12 month old Bull Terrier Best Dog I’ve ever had. Wouldn’t hurt a fly.

    • The reason there is no guaranteed statistics on Pit Bulls is because there are so many different types, and people have issues identifying them. For instance I’ve seen many times in news articles, the author uses an image of a Mastiff type dog as being closely resembled to the attack dog, when the attack dog was assumed to be a Pit Bull. This goes to show even reporters cannot identify a Pit Bull. If this is the case how are we supposed to keep track of millions. So there have been no legitimate numbers. There are estimates, which are on my Fatal Attack Statistics page, which I’ve gotten from various sources. But Yes!, with thousands of breeders having litters every day, it’s quite sickening to know where those puppies will end up.

  41. lovemypittybaby on

    please keep me posted. i am happy to help however i can. i have a loving 12 yr old baby and he is the most amazing friend i have ever had. wouldn’t hurt a fly. i live near Denver, Co and it just brings me to tears to know what that city’s tax dollars have gone toward as far as banning them. i am tired of doggie racism!

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  43. I just noticed your site, as i am doing an argumentative paper on pit bulls, like how its wrong that people are so mean to them and are so afraid of them. i just wanted to know if you had any information on how people are hurting them, like how the states are taking action against them. thank you. great site btw.

    • Basically what happens is, the government doesn’t give any support towards the breed, and it is up to the people who care about Pit Bulls to save them. There are barely any laws to support against dog fighting, except putting the dogs to sleep. Many places in states have just given up, and banned the breed, which still doesn’t put enough pressure on the dog fighters, so they keep fighting them. Training a dog to fight, and putting them in the ring is the worst thing they can do. Dog fighters will say they love the breed, meanwhile they pit their Pit Bull against another in a battle to death.

      Good part of Pit Bull Documentary: (gruesome, but you will get the point):

      States they are banned in currently (as many as I know):


      Hope this helps your end of the argument, good luck.

  44. this is great finally some intelect put into these crazy pit bans i have a pit who is the most calm loyal dog ive ever had and im currently do a college paper to be published in a state wide news paper dealing with this issue these stats r great and im very appreciative thanks

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  46. its amazing to see the numbers! i knew the temperment test results, but not the sttack average or anything like that! I am an avid pit-bull defender i happen to own three of the best bullies i have ever met, and would trust ANY ONE of them with the childeren that are at my home. they think my 5 yr old and my 3 nieces are there litter mates and puppies! they are the best dogs i feel to have in a family and around children. It is not the breed its the ignorant fools behind them that cause the devastation. bullies need love and care and they will be the best dogs u have ever encountered. keep pages like this going and hopefully one day it will make a difference!

  47. Just found your website, I like it! Hopefully you can get a good following!! We have a Pit Bull in our family and she is amazing and has put the “myths” to shame 🙂

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