Pit Bull Attacks Child – Gets Shot in Head


It’s headlines, like those above, that send a world of a different when it comes to figuring out what actually happened in a Pit Bull attack.  Below we will try to find the holes in the article I found.

“Beatty (mother)  said Latalya (daughter) climbed out of the mother’s bed as they were waking up last Tuesday and went toward the dog, Moo-Moo. The dog had enough slack in its outdoor chain to lie just inside the back door of the basement bedroom. The dog attacked, biting into Latalya’s left cheek. As the baby’s father pulled the dog away from her, the animal also bit him in the face, Beatty said.”

After this happened, the mother (Beatty) dragged the dog outside and shot it in the head.  This Pit Bull was a relatives dog, and she was watching him.  I’m not saying there is any excuse for the dog attacking the daughter, but this incident can be explained a little better.

Let’s say the Pit Bull is down stairs sleeping.  The mother does not see anything, because she is in bed, or upstairs.  As far as we know the baby could have jumped on the Pit Bull while he was sleeping, or startled it for whatever reason.  Now, if this is her relatives dog, this dog may or may not have ever seen children before, enough to be comfortable around them.  Rule #1 of any dog breed, never let children around a dog unsupervised for any reason, especially if you do not know the nature of that dog, hence it being the relatives dog.  So now the dog is freaking out with the girl, and the dad comes running in obviously upset.  As far as the Pit Bull knows, he’s being charged by this strange man, so he bites him too.  The mother should have put up a gate or some kind of blockade so the child could not be with the dog unsupervised.

“Beatty has served probation time on assault charges. In 1999, she pleaded guilty to discharging a firearm within the city limits, the same charge she now faces. Her criminal record also includes convictions for possession of stolen goods, disorderly conduct, resisting and assaulting officers and assault with intent to kill.” –Just thought that may be relative.

As many parents know babies love to touch things, and in this case could have touched the Pit where he didn’t want to be touched while he was sleeping.  That’s a double negative.

Lesson: With any dog, never let your babies/toddlers go unsupervised.  If every Pit Bull owner followed this rule, I guarantee bites on babies would severely decrease.  If babies are new to your dog, let the dog be comfortable with the baby before you let the baby roam around the dog.

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    • How about we just stop you from breeding and your ignorant ramblings. I have two pits and a child and though neither of them would ever hurt her, I dare some shit head like you to come around, give them something to maul 🙂 People like you are idiots and only go off few and one sided stories. Just sayin

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  2. How about the fact the pit was chained up? That also has been known to lead to aggression. Was it even socialized?