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Pit BullWe all know of the existence of Pit Bulls, yet many cannot identify one, or explain what the term “Pit Bull” means.  I’m guessing most of you probably do not.  That’s okay, ignorance is something that only controls you as long as you let it.  Here, you can learn how to fix that.  The reason this breed is in such a mess is due to the ignorance of many people.  Lets start with the term “Pit Bull”.  Some quick information; Pit Bull is not a breed, but made up of 3 or more types of dog breeds.  Most of the government accepts the American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Pit Bull Terrier as the 3 dog breeds considered a “Pit Bull” as these types.  Some people can mistake many breeds as Pit Bulls, which forces some state governments to consider more breeds, such as the American Bulldog, and Bull Terrier.  The IGNORANCE is not just people banning and destroying one breed, but they’re in the process of destroying many breeds that are capable of giving this world so much. In World War I, the Pit Bull was loved.  They backed up the war efforts in propaganda posters, starred in t.v. shows, were presented on Life Magazine covers (not the Life Magazine today, this was a magazine that has since gone under), yet no one remembers how the breed was thought of not too long ago.  They were thought of as heroes, now are brought down by dog fighting, and greed.  Everyone wants to trash the breed, Why? What have they actually done?  Take a look at the statistics and then judge.  You might find that through all the breed has been through, they come out looking safer then a child dying from their parents.  Bet you never thought of that.  All of these questions can be answered on this site, and if they cannot, then ask them, and they will be answered.  There is no bias, only statistics, it’s time you start looking at them.


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  1. I operate with these dogs and as far as animal behavior goes, I am a firm believer in nurture and training. I have met Jack Russell Terriers that I wouldn’t go in close proximity to once again, but have never had a awful knowledge with an American Staffordshire Terrier. If you are speaking about their owners- nicely, which is a various story. Human beings are animals as well, and we often every have our personal ideas about “moral concepts”.

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