Pit Bull Beaten, Then Shot in Head


Justin Renfro beat his Pit Bull to Death

Justin Renfro, 20 years old decides it would be a good idea to beat his Pit Bull to death.  According to the warrant issued by Fox 41 news, Renfro was the owner of this poor Pit Bull/ Boxer mix (Neil).

On January 12, he beat Neil with the butt of his shotgun, and his fists.  Renfro was not even arrested until early February.  Neil had multiple injuries, including a deep muzzle tear, that would have caused painful bleeding.

After the beating, several hours passed until Renfro drove Neil, his alive and suffering Pit Bull mix to his parents house, where he proceeded to shoot Neil in the head with a handgun.  Get this, the whole time, the girlfriend was just watching.  I realize she could have been scared for her life, but the minute Renfro left to go to his parents house, she could have acted.  She could have at least called the police.

According to authorities, he then drove home, to bury Neil in his backyard.   When Metro Animal Services were alerted of the incident, they dug Neil from his grave, to perform an autopsy.  Due to the act of Renfro, he was charged with animal torture, cruelty to animals and tampering with physical evidence.

Those charges somehow don’t seem to sum up what this man did.  He brutally beat this animal, to the brink of death, and let him dwell in that pain for hours as if this defenseless creature deserved it. Then he decided to drive Neil to the end, where he shot him in the head.  “Animal Torture” just doesn’t seem to cut the charges in this case. I don’t think any real thinking human would agree those are proper charges.  Would you agree?

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  1. The man may very well be a sociopath.Torturing an animal is a strong indicator of this mental defect. Sociopaths feel no sympathy, they are incapable of remorse. Sociopaths can be extremely dangerous individuals. If you know a sociopath, distance yourself from them as quickly as you can do so. There is no cure.

  2. In reality it is terrible thing but if he is not punished it could be a human next. What kind of person could do something so horrible without any remorse. The laws should be tougher on this sort of thing!!!!

    • If he gets time the inmates will know he will get what he deserves. What goes around comes around. More importantly hopefully he will learn and grow from this poor choice and terrible mistake he made.