Pit Bull beaten with Crowbar and Ax Handle


An Okland man has been accused of beating his Pit Bull with a crowbar and an ax handle. Charles Black was convicted on Jan. 12 with two felony counts of animal cruelty.  His neighbors videotaped him beating his Pit Bull on two occasions.

Prosecutors said the videos showed him beating his dog countless times and with every hit of the weapon, the Pit Bull yelped in absolute horror.  What could this poor Pit Bull do to turn this man into such a monster, beating him with crowbars and ax handles?  The real question is, why did everyone else just sit back watching and taking videos?  What would you do?

The unbelievable news is the Pit Bull survived, but had bruising and lacerations. He has made a full recovery since, and a new family has adopted him. This should be a better place, but there has been no word on it.  The judge was praised by animal cruelty advocates for pursuing the case as strong as he did.  Not many judges would go to the lengths to pursue such a case, simply because the dog is a Pit Bull.

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  1. I just want to let you know that this is sick and disgusting and if he thinks he is cool for this then he needs to suffer just as well and that goes out to anyone who thinks this is okay!!!!!