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Map of Bans in the U.S.(Red represents the states with some type of ban action pursued)

Pit Bull BSL

America is supposed to be THE LAND OF THE FREE and the home of the brave, yet many people do not have the right to own a Pit Bull.  What does this mean?  Lets look at this with a little more perspective.  There are many criminals out there, using this breed for their personal benefit.  The breed is being blamed for all this mess, and criminals are getting off with a slap on the wrist.  Seeing as the criminals are the ones causing all the problems, they are essentially controlling our government, by forcing the government to ban the breed, because the government cannot control the criminals.  The criminals still get Pit Bulls, breed them underground, and the only ones who suffer, are true Pit Bull lovers, and the Pit Bulls themselves.  As a result of these criminals, we now have a full-on extermination of this breeds reputation, and may one day be forced to put down the breed for good.


Active Ban
May 9, 2005

Proposed Ban
September 27, 2005

Proposed Ban
January 17, 2006


-Dade County
Overturned by Court


-State Of Hawaii
Dead Ban


-Sioux City
Active Ban
September 15, 2008

-Council Bluffs
Active Ban


-Overland Park
Active Ban

Active Ban


-Union County
Active Ban
January 1, 2008


-Prince Georges County
Active Ban


-Livingston County
Active Ban
May 20, 2008

Active Ban
April 4, 1990


-Tupelo City
Proposed Ban
September 28, 2006


Active Ban
April 13, 2006

Active Ban


Active Ban
January 10, 1999

-Garfield Heights
Active Ban
October 24, 2007


-Oklahoma State
June 21, 2005

Rhode Island

Active Ban
January 1, 2004


Proposed Ban
November 18, 2006

Active Ban


-Delta City
Active Ban

-Springville City
Active Ban


-Royal City
Active Ban
January 12, 2007

Active Ban

Proposed Ban
December 21, 2006

West Virginia

Active Ban
January 17, 2006

If there are any more in the United States, or if something comes up, that isn’t on here, please let me know at admin@defendpitbulls.com

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  1. Pitbulls should not be banned the way they are. Many of the myths spread about pitbulls are simply not true.

    1: “Inherently dangerous.” This myth has been spread and propagandized by anti pitbull proponents. No dog is born dangerous. If a dog attacks someone its usually because of one of three things, One: Abuse or Neglect. Two: Irresponsible owners who spoil their dogs or let them get away with bad behavior. Three: Mental Illness. As a dog gets older, it may start to decline not just physically, but also mentally. Dogs can and do get mental illness, and if the signs are not recognized, disaster can strike.

    2: “Pitbulls having locking jaws.” This was disproven by Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin of the University of Georgia who wrote:
    “The few studies which have been conducted of the structure of the skulls, mandibles and teeth of pit bulls show that, in proportion to their size, their jaw structure and thus its inferred functional morphology, is no different than that of any breed of dog. There is absolutely no evidence for the existence of any kind of “locking mechanism” unique to the structure of the jaw and/or teeth of the American Pit Bull Terrier.”

    3: “Pitbulls bite down with 2000 PSI of force.” This is simply not true. That would be the bite force of an alligator. Dr. Brady Barr, National Geographic said after a dog bite test was conducted, “On average, dogs bite with 320 pounds of pressure per square inch. The bite pressure of a German Shepherd, an American Pit Bull Terrier, and a Rottweiler were tested.
    The American Pit Bull Terrier had the least amount of bite pressure of the three dogs tested.”
    Each dog was tested twice. The Rottweiler came in first with 328 pounds of PSI. The German Shepard came in second with 238 pounds of PSI. The Pitbull came in last with 235 pounds of PSI.

  2. All of y’all that say they r bad are retarded inbred fucks I’ve owned several in my life the last one gave his life to save my kids and to the guy that said destroy them all u are a perfect example of why some mothers should swallow

  3. This just isn’t true. Look at the statistics of dog related deaths. The stories about how Pit Bulls only attack when they had bad owners, in most cases, are false. Most people killed by Pit Bulls are children and they are killed by the family dog (which happens to be a Pit Bull). The owners have treated the pitbull the same as any other dog or pet. Pit bulls are dangerous because they have jaw strength greater than a lion. When one has a bad day, it sometimes results in death. It is like owning a lion and expecting everything to turn out o.k.

    78% of dog related fatalities are caused by Pitbulls, Rotweillers, Bull Mastiffs and terriers. 58% of the time, it is the Pit Bull. They are banned for a reason. You may have a right to endanger your own life with a dangerous pet, but you do not have the right to endanger other lives, especially the lives of children.

    • It’s important to remember where a lot of pit bulls come from… a lot of owners get their dogs from breeders that have no knowledge of how to breed dogs, and tend to put a female dog through way more breedings than it should, and just throw two dogs together hoping for the best to attempt to make a few extra bucks…

  4. Wow!!! The ignorance on this page is upsetting!!! I am a reg tech and work for a very busy and well known animal er, I see a large amount of dog fights come in and it is not the breed it is how these dogs were raised and handled. Most of my fellow technicians own bullies or work at bully rescues. And i personally would rather handle a “viscous” pitbull than your beloved laborador or rotweiler or doberman.. we are not all morons that harbor these bad dogs. But of you are ignorant enough to tell me that your precious fluffy wont bite me i will tell you that you are a lying to yourself. Yes there are bad bullies in the word, but breed bashing and seizure with no option euthanasia is not the answer. Any dog will bite… Believe me any one will. Those of us who love this breed mixed or pure have been drug through the mud enough. if your dog, breed banned or not, was taken from your home and your children and put to sleep no questions asked just because he fit the description with never having bit anyone…. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL as responsible bully owners we take precautions we over socialize are dogs we teach comands we expose them to every thing and we are always watchful, and understand the stigma and make sure that they are controlled at all times. Which is more than your can say for your lab or golden or poodle or tiny ankle biter that has no manners bc they are.cute and sweet and would never bite. Breed bans dont work, if you have a viscous dog IT IS YOUR FAULT… NOT THE BREED. As i type this my bully mix is asleep at my feet in my bed with his two kitties that he loves. Those of you that think all bullies are vicious… You should be ashamed, One day you will be.lucky enough to meet a nice bully and then maybe just maybe all the lights in you close minded bell tower will come on.. i hope so at least. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM### NOT THE SOLUTION###

  5. There is no defending these dogs. My golden retriever, a sweet gentle soul has been viciously attacked twice by pit bulls, one of which broke off it’s leash to get at her. They should all be destroyed

    • ABEST: Your comment is the equivalent of saying, “I’ve been robbed and beaten by a black person, twice. They should all be destroyed.”

    • I’m sorry that your sweet golden retriever was attacked, but not every single pit bull is like that one. If you think every dog is the same them you are sadly mistaken, and you definitely do not have the right to believe they should all pay for one mistake. There is no such thing as a bad dog, only a bad owner. That pit bull was more than likely abused, or used to fight, something that taught it to behave aggressively. But again, you can’t put that personality to all pit bulls.

  6. Pitbulls are bad dogs there only mean and attack if there owner is not paying attection to them or hits them its not the dogs fault its the owners iv been bitten from so many other dogs and its only cause the owner doent treat them proper Pittbulls are adorable its only cause people don’t now how to talk care of the dog and they treat the dog like crap

  7. Pits are like every other animal and have the ability to bite. They are not killers and have been given a bad rap because they are miss understood. When they are given a good loving home and shown the love every dog needs they are wonderful animals. I have one that was accepted in to the service dog program. She has shown that she has the ability to be social and has never shown aggression towards any one. If I am in trouble she will come to my rescue and yes she can and will bite. Its her job to protect me.
    These animals were used by the very wealthy in the 1800′s to watch the children. They were great companions animals and gave no cause for worry. When people mistreat these animals and make them mean its only normal they act out.

    German Shepard’s were sought after the war and once they started to bite people started to complain about them as well. ALL Dogs Bite and all dogs can be dangerous. To single out one breed because some lunk head did not know how to love an animal is just wrong.

    • Pit Bulls accounted for 62% of all deaths from dog attacks in the U.S. 2005-2013. And most of those deaths were children. That’s 62% from that one breed. 48% for ALL other dog breeds combined. I’m sure ALL the other breeds of dogs in the entire country also have some “lunk head” owners that don’t now how to treat them, yet ALL of those breeds combined didn’t equal the deaths caused by the Pit Bull breed alone. Those are the facts. Facts don’t have emotions or some strange attachment to a certain breed. Facts are merely the truth.

  8. I’m for banning the breed but not because I think they are a dangerous breed. I want them banned because there are a disproportionate number of this breed being needlessly euthanized every year because they out-number all other breeds for adoption 5 to 1. It’s totally insane how many of these dogs end up homeless and eventually dead because there simply are not enough people willing to adopt them. If you and all the people who agree with you truly care about this breed as you claim, then instead of fighting the bans you should be fighting to see that the out of control breeding of this dog is stopped. If they aren’t born, they can’t be hurt. Period!

  9. Caroline Reid on

    This comment is coming from a vet tech that practiced in the Dallas area for over 11 years. Sorry but dogs bite, whether they have good owners or bad. That really is not the issue. The issue is that these dogs can seriously mame or kill when they do bite. Big difference. I’ll agree that most Chihuahua’s are much more aggressive and bite more often than most breeds but when they do they don’t cause the serious damage that this particular breed can. We can not just hope that these dogs will have good, sound, responsible owners and hope no one gets hurt. Way too many holes in that solution. Most Pit Bull attacks are unprovoked and happen with surprise by both the owners and the victims. Most are not considered “dangerous” and have NO past behavioral issues to heed any pre warning. Glad to hear that you guys have nice dogs but sadly that’s not an answer for the people that have been or will be infected by a Pit Bull attack. Petting your dog and you own back doesn’t help solve this problem. There is a reason why some have chose to ban this breed. I sure hope that most do not think that this is an issue of just breed bashing. It’s much bigger than that.

    • There’s a difference between naive and knowing how your dog might react in certain situations. People who say “my dog would never do that” are naive. All dogs are animals, and I agree that Pit Bulls are extremely powerful, however the owners that don’t recognize this power are the ones that don’t think to look out for a situation. The Pit Bull population is 7-10X larger than the most popular breeds. It’s a wonder why there are more bites… yet there are only a few dozen recorded attacks out of millions of Pit Bulls. There are at least 10,000 Pits put to sleep every day. The problem once again falls on humans. They’re banned because we cannot control ourselves. We can’t be responsible as a whole, and we can’t control who owns or breeds Pit Bulls. So we have no idea if they were even bred properly. That’s another huge issue with Pits these days is how they’re bred.

  10. Banthem4life on

    Pit bulls are dangerous killers and should be forced into extinction. It’s morons like you that defend an animal that continues to viciously murder innocent children. You ppl make me absolutely sick. Hope your own pit bulls turn on you one day and someone just leaves you to rot.

    • That is completely wrong. Sure Pit bulls have attacked people before, but so have many other breeds of dogs. They get a bad rep, because of people like you. Pit bulls can be the most loving dog in the word, if you treat them right!

    • I agree. I have seen to many people and pets die to these dogs. Too many! I have been attacked myself, along with my mother and father at random. They need to stop this explosion of the breed brought on by animal planet. They kill their OWNERS PEOPLE!!!!! WAKE UP! They are NOT normal dogs at all.
      2 Children in the last MONTH have died to killer pit bulls in my area alone.

    • You forget that Pit Bulls were the ‘Nanny Dog’ in the late 1800′s and early 1900′s. People would leave their children home alone with there dogs on a regular basis. People should remember Pit Bulls for their wonderful nature and not man made violence. That is exactly what it is, man made. Every single breed of dog out there has a vicious one in the bunch but it’s morons like you who prefer to focus on a certain breed. I hear of all kinds of dog attacks on children and when it happens it was just bad luck, until a pit bull does it, then the pitch forks come out. The human race itself is far more of a ”dangerous killer” than any dog is, but I’m sure you didn’t think of that either. It’s morons like you who are full of hate and judgement that make the world a horrid place.

    • That is the dumbest thing I have ever read. People like you shouldn’t be allowed to breed, we don’t need that stupidity spreading.

    • RightsforAnimals on

      If every one has the right to be free until proven guilty, why not apply the same reason to the dogs, cats, etc… I understand the public’s fear, however, I would enforce a DNA on all possible Pit Bulls, I said possible and should the DNA come back positive then strict guidelines should then and only then be given to the owners. Should the DNA come back negative, then leave well enough alone. This goes for each City, County, and State in the United State America. What is the public going to do, be fearful for the rest of your life, get real, live your life.

    • Pit bull dogs were made as the “nanny breed” in the 1800′s and are amazing family pets. It’s very nonsensically insult strangers for standing up for what they believe in, and even more rude to wish something bad upon them, which also has no reason behind it. Now, I’m glad I make you sick, because it’s people like you who need to understand that there is no such thing as a bad dog. Only bad owners. Pit Bulls are extraordinarily misunderstood creatures that deserve a fair chance in the world right along with everyone else.

  11. hey i used you website to write a paper about the good and the bad about pit bulls and breeds alike, i enjoyed the comments (including the biased onse) but im still not sure where i stand on pit bulls yes they are dangerous, but how much more dangerous are they than the next big dog breed?

    • Pit-Bulls are only dangerous if the owner makes them that way. They are one of the most docile dogs that you could own. They are very loyal, so if you have a douche bag owner who trains the dog for fighting, the dog will attack if they are made do so. And that is one reason to feel so bad for these animals, they are so loyal that they will do whatever their master desires to please them. We got a pit-bull about 2 weeks ago, and he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He is so loving and caring, its crazy. They are very good dogs for children, and they also make great companions. So don’t listen to the media, they twist the reputation of these fantastic animals. Do real research before basing your opinion off corrupt media.

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  13. In May of 2005, the City & County of Denver, CO. after two pit bull attacks, one of which resulted in a 5 year-old girl killed passed an absolute total ban on Pit Bulls, and any dogs that are 40% or more pitt bull. The law was applied retroactively, so pitt bulls already in the city & county were NOT grandfathered in. Over the next few months, animal control agents, escorted by police went to pitt bull owners homes and confiscated the dogs. Even those with no record of trouble. The dogs were then immediately euthanized. Owners were not permitted to contest or appeal.

    • RightsforAnimals on

      That was a fatal mistake…. 1. I would have sued the City and County for not letting keep my dog or give me another option….. 2. Should my dogs have been removed without my permission, and killed, that lawsuit would also include animal control…. This is America not Russia…

  14. hi my name is alex im 22 and trien my best to change my city of pawtucket they grandfathered a law against pitbulls someone dog was off the leash and chasing ppl thru out the state ppl r made at the state for not fighting. so please help

  15. passionforpaws on

    saying all pitbulls are aggressive is wrong because its the owners fault not the dog breed ive had pitbulls since before I was born. when I was a baby my dog bronx used to lay with me next to my crib. also that’s like pointing at a pitbull and saying oh that dog barked at me once sniffed me then licked me, euthanize it, then you point at a chiuwawa and say that dog only has bit a couple of children ripped out a throat or two no big deal. its not like I hate chiwawas its just an example of what some people do.

  16. The #1 breed for dog bites is the Labrador Retriever. Pit Bulls…or rather the top three breeds that get lumped under the label of “Pit Bull” (since AKC does not have, nor does it recognize a “Pit Bull” breed….only the UKC, a European registry does) all scored in the top 15 of best tempered in temperament testing.
    To blame the breed rather than the piss poor owners who misuse, abuse and/or fail to properly train their dogs to be good canine citizens just shows a knee jerk reaction and pure ignorance.

    • Pit Bulls are the best breed of dog I have ever owned. I’ve had Poodles, Pomeranian, Dobermans, bird dogs, Labrador Retriever, Chow Chow, Beagles, mixed breeds and more. By far, the Pit Bull is the smartest, most affectionate and loyal. I am very much against Breed Specific Legislation and any type of ban on animal breeds simply because of their breed, but every person has the right to their own opinion, and can voice that opinion as they choose. I simply wish people would be more informed especially if they are posting “stats” about Pit Bulls, their aggressive behavior and specifically bite incidents/fatality bite incidents.
      Wikipedia has compiled a great article with an amazing amount of resources, including University Studies, CDC Studies, media information and records and more. If you read all the details and information it clearly shows that fatality incidents involving Pit Bulls began to dramatically increase in the late 1990′s. That is approximately the same time the severe incline of dog fighting began. The details and information class together several breeds; American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bull Terrier; along with an mix of those breeds and unfortunately any mix breed that resembles a Pit Bull. That alone seriously skews the accuracy of any and all studies performed. That would be like stating someone has a disease because their uncle has the disease. Or it would be like stating all people from the United States act the same, wear the same clothes, eat the same foods, etc. We know that isn’t the case, no two people are alike…and neither are any two dogs.
      Someone mentioned Pit Bulls were breed to be fighting dogs. Were they used as fighting dogs, absolutely. Was that their breeding purpose, absolutely not! Used for hunting boar and bear; they had to be quick, agile, and extremely strong. Believed to have also been used in wartime battles back prior to the Roman Empire. Are their idiots out here that have brought back the purpose of fighting, yes, and they should be eradicated before the breed should be banned. The dogs are simply doing what they are “trained” to do. You can train a soldier to kill, does it make him a bad human….HELL NO! So why does it make the entire breed bad, because some are trained to fight and kill other dogs?
      With the information clearly showing the increase of fatalities occurring the same time as the increase in dog fighting, shouldn’t that show everyone that it is truly the owners and not the breed. If the fighting would not have become popular, would the increase in the fatalities have occurred? I highly doubt it. If we remove all the dog fighting from the situation, and all those owners, would the “Pit Bull” still be the number one fatality breed? I highly doubt it, they weren’t for many decades.
      Please everyone just take the time to seriously think about what these animals go through. They are abused, neglected, taught to fight and destroy, teethered to homes (which from as early as 800AD was notated as the best way to make a dog aggressive). And then when they attack a human we are surprised by their aggressive behavior. It is not their fault they are taught to be this way. They didn’t ask for it, they ask to be loved and accepted for the amazing affectionate, lap dogs that they are. Take the time to think before the next time you say…all Pit Bulls are bad, all of them are aggressive, all of them should be banned. Instead, how about we ban the owners that mistreat them and see if it doesn’t change the fatality count over the next 40 years.
      With proper training, exercise, affection, and love (and yes they need a combination of all), Pits are amazing dogs that should be given a chance on an individual basis….just like people.

    • I would like for you to cite your source proving that Labs bite more people than pit bulls. It sounds like a fictional statistic made up to defend your position on the issue.

  17. After being attacked not once but twice by two different pitbulls. They are unpredictable- friend one minute-foe the next minute. We have had the county out four times in two weeks-they have picked three of them up running loose and now in the midst of prosecuting the dog owner for violating a one-bite law statue and not having a 100,000 dollar bond on his dangerous animal-he is facing possible jail time as well as a civil suit. Local police has advise that any citizen may shoot a dangerous animal not matter where it is -if there is a imminent threat of attack or bite and your allowed to use deadly force before the bite-so we are now!!!

    • If you’re having the issue of calling the county for stray Pits, you’re problem is not the dog breed. It’s the people who allow the dogs to breed without any type of positive living experiences. These dogs are on the streets fighting for their lives. And yes they are powerful dogs, however if you put any animal in a situation where they are living just to stay alive of course they’re going to be unpredictable/dangerous. Now you’ve got an unpredictable, powerful animal who may have had extremely unpleasant human interactions… yet you want to blame them, because society decided to neglect them? If societies answers to Pit Bulls were part of a moral test, they’d fail the test!

  18. For the past 30 years, the number one breed of dog involved in human fatalities, is pit bull or pit bull mix. One-third of deaths were contributed to this breed. Do not defend this breed, they will turn on you no matter how much love you show them. I’ve seen it happen three times and have heard numerous stories of the same. They need to be banned/eradicated.

  19. Facts ar e Facts, Pit Bulls have been and still are breed to fight. So fight them. Keep them away from my house, kids, park, and my dog. The majority, and you cannot seriously argue this owners of pit bulls are morons. I’ve had one come up and ask me if my Lab was a fighting dog. His pit was on a leash behind him and he told me his was a fighting dog. I told him if his dog attacked my dog I would shoot him first and then his dog. Get rid of the breed or, make it legal to fight them again and then maybe we can get rid of them through attrition. Search “Trunking” another pit bull owner past time. Violent breed, killed 33 in 2012, dumb, dumb 99.9% disillusioned dumb owners.

  20. you should have every state on there. there is a military base in almost every state isnt there? I know, for the air force at least, your not allowed to own a pitbull while living on an air force base. i think their might be a few other breeds banned but thats the one i remember most. i feel this is kinda like the gun law…. there are no bad pitbulls, just bad owners…… flows with there are no bad guns only bad people

    • I know, I’m sorry but I don’t keep up on this site as much as I should, and there is not enough time in the day to keep up on all the changing pit bull laws. I wish I could, but for the past 3-4 years more and more news seems to spike.

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  23. whitney masterson on

    fuck u pitbulls r grate dogs maybe druggies should stop fighting them nd people should start loveing them i love pits to death nd i can say idf there was no pit on this earth i would die cause i fight for pits ive been helping them ever sence i was a lil kid ive got brang up with them they where all gd dogs nd u all can fuck your selfs cause i would rather have my kids be rased with pitbulls over any breed of dog

  24. All that the public has to do is do your home work on your dog.It’s a known fact that ankle bitter’s bit more than any other dog…Like datson,poddle and chiwawa’s are more dangerous than any big dog’s.And yes I’ve got pitt’s and had pitt’s for almost 15yrs..All my life I’ve never seen a mean pittbull unless the owner is a gang banger or a drug dealer..that’s. How they get the bad rep from…keep it up and we won’t have any good dog’s left…plz stop killin off the breed!!

  25. I own a great “lap” dog that is a FULL blooded pitbull. People associate these dogs to be so violent. That is not the case, they once were baby sitting dogs. This was because the parents would leave their children in the care on these dogs when they needed to time away from the care of the children. As an owner of one of these breeds I have heard everything. My biggest point to them is that “this” breed of dog will bite. ALL DOGS will bite if they reach their limit. ALL ANIMALS will attack if they feel threatened. To the people that state that the pitbull dogs need to be wide clean from earth I have this. Elephants in Africa kill more humans then pitbulls, lets kill of all elaphants. Tigers in Asia kill more humans than a pitbull, lets kill all tigers. Scorpions in Arizona kill more humans the pitbulls, lets kil;l; all the types of scorpions. HUMANS KILL MORE HUMANS than pitbulls. Why humans thimnk they have the power to extremenate a dog from this plant when humans are by FAR worse is incredible.

  26. As a submarine owner from Lake Michigan, I’m appalled that they’ve enacted a ban on pitbulls in my home lake. My dog, Ahab, is not violent.

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  28. Kassidy~Eden on

    I wish people knew the truth about Pitbulls. They are actually really good dogs:) and about the whole ban thing thats dumb. Makin’ a ban cause some owners are stupid and make their dogs fight:( Not all Pitt’s are that way… AT ALL:/

  29. i have a pit and when we went to some weird city in tenesse they said that they were glad that pitbulls werre banned. i have alot of stories to share from that experience but one story that i will never forget is when a little boy asked if my dog would eat him. i laughed cuz it weighs more than i do but the next year he remembered it and since then adopted a dog. Sadly it wasnt a pitbull but that experience made me really upset then happy but what i learned is that people lie and to stick your head up and walk your dog proudly.

  30. it has been 14yrs since pitbulls has be ban. i need help on overturning the ban of pitbulls in P.Gcounty. it is not the breed fought but the owners who train then to be vicious animals. i have a 8month pit and she is the love of my life and im mentally and physical attach. i dont think that they should be ban just the owners and it the law is overturn i think that owners shoud have the proper paper work and lisences for there animals and alsoa chip where they resides. i have a voice and for my animals and ineed help to insure the public people that pits are not what poeple say they are. if you have any information that will help or and any petition i can sign or no other organization please help me and oveturning the county (pg) dicision to stop baninning pit……thanks

  31. Found this very helpfull looking to relocate to Calrksville TN to attened APSU having a hard time finding a place to rent for my family of pet lovers because of our pit mix any one got a lead email wlplatzek@gci.net

  32. how can they ban pit bulls in MO its not right what if the people defending pit bulls banned the people banning pit bulls. that just shows how dumb people that are banning pit bulls are they know nothing about pit bulls. they think that pit bulls are mean and should be killed i don’t im 13 yrs old but i will stand up for what i love and i wont back down.

  33. Hello, I found your site while i was searching for information on my paper to get rid of the pit bull ban. You have a very good website here. Keep up the awesome work!! we all need to keep fighting for the pits!! They really need our help!

  34. Henry McCullough on

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  35. Hi, I couldn’t have said it better myself, and if you don’t mind I plan on usinging your statement as part of my thesis. The breed needs us to speek up, keep up the good work.

  36. Garth Fitzrandolph on

    Heya i got to your site by mistake when i was searching bing for something off topic here but i do have say your site is really helpful, like the theme and the content on here…so thanks for me procrastinating from my previous task, lol

  37. Definitely agree with what you stated. Your explanation was certainly the easiest to understand. I tell you, I usually get irked when folks discuss issues that they plainly do not know about. You managed to hit the nail right on the head and explained out everything without complication. Maybe, people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  38. Claudio Westbury on

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