Pit Bull Bans (USA)


Map of Bans in the U.S.(Red represents the states with some type of ban action pursued)

Pit Bull BSL

America is supposed to be THE LAND OF THE FREE and the home of the brave, yet many people do not have the right to own a Pit Bull.  What does this mean?  Lets look at this with a little more perspective.  There are many criminals out there, using this breed for their personal benefit.  The breed is being blamed for all this mess, and criminals are getting off with a slap on the wrist.  Seeing as the criminals are the ones causing all the problems, they are essentially controlling our government, by forcing the government to ban the breed, because the government cannot control the criminals.  The criminals still get Pit Bulls, breed them underground, and the only ones who suffer, are true Pit Bull lovers, and the Pit Bulls themselves.  As a result of these criminals, we now have a full-on extermination of this breeds reputation, and may one day be forced to put down the breed for good.


Active Ban
May 9, 2005

Proposed Ban
September 27, 2005

Proposed Ban
January 17, 2006


-Dade County
Overturned by Court


-State Of Hawaii
Dead Ban


-Sioux City
Active Ban
September 15, 2008

-Council Bluffs
Active Ban


-Overland Park
Active Ban

Active Ban


-Union County
Active Ban
January 1, 2008


-Prince Georges County
Active Ban


-Livingston County
Active Ban
May 20, 2008

Active Ban
April 4, 1990


-Tupelo City
Proposed Ban
September 28, 2006


Active Ban
April 13, 2006

Active Ban


Active Ban
January 10, 1999

-Garfield Heights
Active Ban
October 24, 2007


-Oklahoma State
June 21, 2005

Rhode Island

Active Ban
January 1, 2004


Proposed Ban
November 18, 2006

Active Ban


-Delta City
Active Ban

-Springville City
Active Ban


-Royal City
Active Ban
January 12, 2007

Active Ban

Proposed Ban
December 21, 2006

West Virginia

Active Ban
January 17, 2006

If there are any more in the United States, or if something comes up, that isn’t on here, please let me know at admin@defendpitbulls.com

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  1. Maybe if we all work together we can ban pit bulls entirely and let the breed die out. I’d settle for jailing their owners.

    • I’d like to work together to get you banned. It would be great if you would just die out. You are an uneducated idiot.

  2. It’s hard to be sympathetic to pitbulls when four of them rip a child apart after attacking his mother. She watched in horror, could do nothing to help her 4-year old son. She will carry and relive that nightmare to her dying day. Irresponsible dog owner, YES. Dangerous, murderous dogs, YES. I cross the street every time I see one or I turn around to take a longer route to my destination. They should be illegal.

    You can read the story at http://www.hlntv.com/shows/nancy-grace/articles/2015/12/09/geneke-lyons-charged-with-murder-in-pitbull-mauling

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