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Pit Bulls cannot lock their jaw.
Many people believe this, because of rumors, or even newspaper articles, with no evidence. The structures of the skull, mandible, and teeth, are relative, and quite identical to that of any other dog.
Pit Bulls will not turn on you without warning. Most people say that Pit Bulls will turn on you. No, Pit Bulls will not turn on you any faster than any other breed would. In fact, the dog will show signs of confusion.  The owner might not pick up on these signals.  Pit Bulls like other dogs, do not just change, they react to their surroundings.  If they’re raised under multiple conditions, like around kids, different races of people, they’ll grow old accustomed to all different situations, leaving them aware of what’s to come.  Nothing will make them CHANGE, or TURN.  It’s up to the owner to decide how any dog will react in certain situations.
Pit Bulls are not naturally aggressive towards humans.
While Pit Bulls are naturally aggressive towards other dogs, it is preventable. On another note, they are not aggressive towards humans. As mentioned in the History section, the aggressiveness towards humans was bred out of the breed.
People are the problem, not the dog.
People always want to stereotype.  When a dog is placed in an environment, set to turn them into a hardened, lonely, aggressive, monster, that is what the result is going to be. This works the same as when kids grow up and become rapists, and killers, because of their home life, as a child. These dog laws need to apply to all breeds equally and if not, put some laws on the people who fight them.

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  1. I appreciate this site VERY much, it’s so difficult to find positive statistics for pit bulls. I have changed many peoples minds with my wonderful Pit puppy we adopted, the main reason being his temperment. He’s better behaved than my rat terrier!
    It’s true that stereotypes are SO wrong. Thanks <3

  2. My first experience with pits was when my older sister rescued one. To be honest I thought she was crazy. This dog was a quintessential mean junkyard dog, and his owner was terribly abusive. I don’t even like to think of the things that man did to that poor animal, beating him and testing batches of drugs on him.

    But the dog was the best thing to happen to us in a long time. He was so gentle and loving, and full of personality. Even though she never quite got him completely over some of the bad habits, he was an awesome dog.

    I cried so much when we had to put him to sleep. After so many beatings, he had early arthritis. In the winter he could barely move and it just got worse every year. I really miss him but I’m glad I got to know the dog and see how wonderful the breed really is.

  3. I also just wanna say to anyone thinking about getting a pitbull. PLEASE DONT BUY A PUPPY!!! Adopt a pitbull!!! That is what I did and it was the best decision I ever made and dont listen to anyone thats gonna tell you that all those pit’s in the pound are mental and unfixable. I got my dog from a shelter at the age of 3 and yes she was abused but all you have to do is show them love and attention and I promise you will have a better dog then you ever imagined.

    • Great point Ben. Rescuing a Pit Bull is really an honor. Most shelters will not pass on a Pit Bull too aggressive anyway. When people make the claim that rescues are aggressive, it often tends to be the opposite with a loving home. That dog will never forget the person who changed what they know about the world.

    • I have to say.. rescuing a dog is a good feeling. I didnt get mine from a shelter though. I found her at the entrance to an alley. The vet estimated her age at 3mos old. With that being said.. she weighed about as 10 lbs,had a broken hip, flea infestation and ciggerette burns to her head and face. She is now 1yr old. Walks with a limp (but shes doesnt seem to know), and its the most loyal dog I have ever owned. She had few aggression issues when I frist brought her home towards my boxer/mastiff over the food, but that was soon fixed when she realized that she did not have to treat EVERY meal like it was her last. I guess in short, if they tried to ban my dog and take her it would not be the pitbull they had to worry about.=)

  4. i thought it was so funny how all the people in my building were scared of my Pitbull due to her intimidating looks (spiked collar) and what not.They always tried to keep their kids away from her and walked the other direction when she was outside.Until one day when I finally had the opportunity to introduce them to her they could not stop petting her they were offering to take her for walk’s and they loved her soooo much!
    im just glad i could change a few peoples