Brief Pit Bull History


I. How Pit Bulls originated

A.  Pit Bulls originated from Bull Terriers and English Terriers.

1. Bulldogs were used for protecting from animals on the farm.

2. I guess you could say that’s where they got their protecting/aggressive nature.

B.  In 1835 bull and bear baiting was deemed illegal by Parliament.

1.  From that dog fighting grew.

2.  Bulldogs were bred with White, Black, and Tan English Bull Terriers.

a.  This gave them intelligence and level headedness in a fight.

3.  Mostly used were Staffordshire Bull Terriers and English Bull Terriers for fights.

C.  They were bred to only be aggressive towards other dogs, not humans (fact).

1.  These dogs temperaments were stable and often kept at home to live with the family.

II.  In the mid 1800’s many of these Bull/Terrier type dogs were brought to America.

A. They were bred to be built more muscular, for the work on the farms and the city dog fighting.

1.  In the 1900’s these dogs became known as the American Pit Bull Terrier.

2.  Pit Bulls were common family pets and even appeared in motion pictures.

3.  A common one was the dog from the original Little Rascals picture, Petey.

4.  During WWI the breed’s widespread popularity, resulted in the breed featuring in WWI pro-American posters.


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