Why is Overpopulation Bad?


Over population is the single reason Pit Bulls are facing extinction. I know they’re overpopulated and I’m talking about extinction. The reason for that is because there are five types of human relationships with Pit Bulls. ┬áThis Pit Bull information includes:

  1. People who love Pit Bulls, because they have every reason too.
  2. People who mass produce Pit Bulls, saying they love them, only to exploit Pit Bulls for money.
  3. People who fight Pit Bulls, also exploiting them for money.
  4. People who know nothing about Pit Bulls, and claim Pit Bulls are “Tooth Bearing Killers”.
  5. People who will trash the breed at any expense, no matter what the truth is.

It’s a 1-4 ratio of people who actually love the breed, versus those who are destroying the breed. ┬áThis Pit Bull information includes:

I as a foster for the last 5-6 years, am seeing a really big problem arise.
THE NUMBERS OF PIT BULLS has gone literally crazy here in Michigan. Numbers of abuse cases, way up, the number of PUPPIES WAY WAY WAY up…, the numbers being dumped into pounds WAY UP, which of course as you might guess.
Going to petfinder and entering Michigan as a state and pit bull as the dog will bring up so many faces, you will see the shelters are full of bullies and bully mixes of course.
With a market flooded of dogs needing homes, rehoming, and puppies, dogs are dying in shelters not so much due to fear of breed and laws as previous years, but due to there are not enough homes out there. Dogs are sitting in fosters , cute, young, happy go luckies for YEARS. yes..years.
Our group has even knocked the price for long sitting pit bulls (over 4 months ) in foster care down to 75.00 for an entire month (this is for fully vetted, microchipped, speutered dogs!!). And we even have said some that are long term are flipping FREE with approved application of course.
And still guess what.. hardley any takers.

The number of dogs out there is astounding. And yet people continue to increase the numbers of pups out there.

–luvnstuff of Pit Bull Forums

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  1. This overbreeding makes me so angry! There are so many beautiful wonderful dogs out there in cages! I cannot for the life of me understand why more people would rather go buy one from a (likely disreputable) breeder rather than go save one from a life of incarceration.

    • I am anxiously awaiting my third puppy to be ready to leave momma. I can honestly answer you with my opinion because this will be the fifth puppy i’ve gotten from a backyard breeder. While I do wish there were more people that would save these dogs from the shelter, I have young children and I just do not know who these dogs have spent the first few years of their life with. By getting a pup, I know that I am the only trainer therefore I can trust these dogs with my children. Also, All of my dogs have come from the same bloodline. I have had tremendous luck with all of these dogs as far as temperment and intelligence is concerned. I feel as if these breeders are going to sell these dogs to whoever shows up with $200 anyway so I may as well make sure one of them gets a good home.

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