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Real Pit Bull Insurance Price Examples

Many people like to see some actual numbers before they decide to commit to anything.  Now these pictures were pulled from the VPI Pet Insurance website, so these quotes and numbers are pulled from them, but you can still see the prices and how the percentages associate with them.

Examples of Insurance Coverages

Pit Bull Insurance Quote Prices (VPI Pet Insurance)

This here you can see the dog Rufus’ bill would have cost $504.  With the $100 deductible into play, you only have to pay $100 and get the rest paid for up to $14,000.  In the end, $404 was reimbursed to the client, and they only paid $100 in the end.  Needless to say this customer was very happy when they got their reimbursement check in the mail. If Rufus knew the situation his owner was in, he would have felt better too.

Pit Bull Health Insurance Price Quote

In this case, the Chihuahua named Coco fractured her leg while outside, which required surgery to repair her bone.  The total fee would have been $1,994 without insurance.  Luckily the owner had insurance, and it paid up to $2,550 for that type of injury and treatment.  In the end, with the $100 deductible the owner only had to pay that $100 bill.  She probably received her check in the mail weeks later, with the $1,894 free ticket, relieving her of paying the vet bill.  In return for her insurance, she fixed her dog up like she had paid that bill before she walked in the vet’s office.

Many people see insurance as something that’s not really needed, because they believe their Pit Bull can never get hurt, because of how big and muscular they can be.  That is precisely the reason they are more susceptible to getting injured, because of the daring acts they perform.  They will jump 4-5 feet in the air, just to catch a ball, or a frisbee.  If anything goes wrong, the dog can land on the ground wrong, breaking their legs, or hips.  Just because they have solid muscle, doesn’t mean they are invincible.  Once it happens, It’s too late.  Your dog deserves the best care they can get, and you have the power to help them out with that.  Pit Bull Insurance is what you need!

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