Pit Bull Insurance Where You Live?


Where You Live May Effect You and Pit Bull Insurance

Wherever you live, there are home insurances to back you up.  Your Pit Bull may be considered evil, or indifferent to other insurance companies, but to a few home insurance agencies, they are considered part of your family as you are considered part of their family.

Pit Bull friendly Insurances:

1. Home Insurances (Liability Insurances)

  • Fireman’s Fund
  • Chubb Group
  • Farmers Insurance
  • State Farm
  • United Services Automobile Association

2. Pet Insurances (Health Insurance)

  • VPI Pet Insurance
  • 24 Hour Pet Watch

NOTE: You must be sure you check your specific area to see if which of these protect you where you are at.  Now if a Pit Bull is banned in a certain city or state, you will not be covered in that area.

Dont Own a Home?

That’s fine, your landlord should have pet insurance, but to be safe, there are insurances that will cover you regardless of your home living situation.

How you're covered in an example coverage

Pit Bull Insurance Renting Quote

If you’re renting, this is an awesome deal.  This is a basic quote for any owners who want health insurance for their Pit Bulls.  As you can see you are covered as long as your dog is between 8 weeks and 8 years old.  This was the only quote I could find related to renting and owning a Pit Bull.

This was courtesy of 24 Hour Pet Watch, and they’re legit.  Never be afraid to explore more options, but you must understand how important insurance is for your pet.  As long as you have insurance for your Pit Bull, you will never again know how it feels to get that expensive bill in the mail, feeling alone.


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