Pit Bull Mother and Puppies Left to Die


Malnourished Abandoned Pit Bull MotherThe past couple weeks have shown us this summer is no time to mess around with the heat. Yet it seems 95+ degree temperatures are good enough for a mother Pit Bull and her puppies. Officials were called on Wednesday, and no one showed up until Sunday. While the animal rescuers seem to care, 4 days is enough time in the heat to kill humans, let alone “invincible” Pit Bulls.

There is not much of a backstory on why the Pit Bulls were left tied to a Thrift store, but 3 of the 8 puppies died. It’s a miracle that many survived. It would seem the owner didn’t want to deal with the burden of the Pit Bull and her puppies. They are obviously poor as well given the situation, surroundings, and the malnourished mother.

I’m not poking fun at anyone that’s poor, but if you know you can barely pay bills, why would you get yourself in this kind of situation by having puppies or a dog at all. At least get your dog spayed or neutered. The mother is clearly malnourished and underfed. The part that really gets me, is why would the owner keep the pregnant dog that long. Why wait until the puppies are born or about to be born to abort on the mother. Why not take her to a vet, where she can at least be taken care of, not left to suffer. She may be put down in the end, which is likely these days, but she wouldn’t have suffered.

I imagine this makes others mad as well. This may not be an isolated incident regarding the Pit Bull breed alone, but this just goes to show how fast puppies can spread and where they may ultimately end up. Three of them are dead, five of them remain. You know dozens of Pit Bulls had puppies every week in San Antonio. So where are they going? Few are being put to good homes, a good deal end up with dog fighters, and the others will be ultimately put to sleep. Just some perspective to think about I suppose.



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  1. This story made me cry, I have a PitBull and she is my life Her name is Dixie-Lee, she came from Mississippi, to Litleton Colorado my dad and I bought her at Pets Mart on Fathers Day 2009. Dixie is the joy and happpynes in my life.Its so sad and upseting to me how people treat Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls are The Angel Dogs best dogs ever.

  2. Fuckpitbullowners on

    No one gives a damn. Wish they’d all burn.
    And no I don’t know anyone who has been attacked by a pit. I just hate them…they are vicious and we don’t need them.

    • Lovemybabypitbill on

      @FUCKPITBULLOWNERS you know what your really fucking pathetic and sick the fact that your going to go on a pitbull website where people tell there story’s about how there pitbull changed there life and these good things and pieces of fucking shit like you go ahead and just talk shit if you don’t like pitbulls get off the fucking site you dumb piece of shit people like you are the monsters not the pitbulls it’s like raising a child you raise a child and beat them of course they won’t be right in the head you give them love and care and they will have no reason to fight back you fucking selfish prick get it through your head that these pitbulls are fighting for there life every time they see another dog because they know if they don’t win the fight they get beat and killed and guess what if they win the fight and kill the other dogs there monsters!! So in the end they will never win but maybe a one in a million chance they will be rescued and love and be accepted as good dogs and not monsters like you so go fuck yourself and I wish people like you got beaten and killed just like the pits deal with everyday 🙂