Over-Population is a Major Issue


The Pit Bull breed makes up 5-9.6% of the United States dog population.  In 2007, there were above 72 million dogs in the United States provided by American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.  That’s between 3,600,000 and 6,912,000 Pit Bull breed dogs in the United States.  So, for our example we’ll take the average percent between 5 and 9.6, and use 7.3 percent, which would give an average estimation of the Pit Bull population in the United States.  That information leaves us with 5,256,000 Pit Bulls.  There are more Pit Bulls in the United States at 5,256,000, then there are people in countries like; Norway at 4,875,700, Ireland at 4,459,300, New Zealand at 4,363,600, and the list goes on.Pit Bull Population

This Pit Bull information shows that, if countries can control their own human populations, why is it that we cannot with one breed of a dog.

IMHO a huge contributing factor to the population explosion is the widely-held idea that you can make money (and not report it on your taxes!) selling pit bull puppies. SI meet so many people who “have heard” this. I think it leads people to try to backyard breed even if they are not personally interested in pit bulls — it’s like earthworm ranching or the old “raise chinchillas for fur” home moneymaking schemes people who need money have always gravitated towards. Results are, of course, many many puppies; bad breeding practices; and disinterested “owners” looking only to hold down their costs.

Is it possible to make money breeding pit bulls? I don’t know. Can we somehow make it so it doesn’t pay? Can we oppose this belief somehow?


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  1. Pit bulls are born and raised to protect children, people, and people’s property.
    People raise pit bulls to be mean and aggressive towards people and animals, but that’s about the persons problems.


  2. Renda Luvaas on

    Here is just a thought. I do not have any studies or formal reports to back this up and I am not saying that this IS why there is a “population explosion”. What I do say is give this a thought. I looked at the greyhound racing industry and all the yearly over breeding by the 1000’s and the way that the industry legally purges itself of all excess pups such as destroy, selling overseas or to research labs. It is very rare to find grayhound puppies in your local papers free to good homes. What you do find are many “pit bull” puppies in the classifieds. The “new breed of dogmen” play a whole different game than their processors.One thing that stands out is this new dogman doesn’t care about bloodlines or papers. It is all money money money. It has always been a game of greed ,however, in the old day’s the dog was also a pride source, and way of earning and holding respect among your peers. Not true anymore. The dog is a small tool what is respected is the wealth and rep earned. The harder crueler more evil you appear the better. Nothing is based on what the dog is. So that brings me to the over population. New dogmen will breed any and everything. They don’t care about temper, or even gameness. They want big, strong, mean, disposable dogs… So what happens to the overflow of puppies. Many are slaughtered without anyone knowing. Others are “sold” or given away at the street level only to later be abused or neglected, used as breeders by a foolish person wanting the “easy tax free cash” or providing dogs back into the fighting industry. All the puppies must be disposed of without the use of what is allowed legally for the greyhound puppy overflow. Now the greyhound racing industry is self policing. They are overseen by the gambling commissions but as far as the care of the racing animals, notta!! I will not go into the nasty stories of the grey racing dogs but I will say 10,000 plus are retired yearly. The ave. age 2 to 5 years. Retired doesn’t mean to live happy ever after. No only about 3500 will make it to family homes through the efforts of rescues.Most are destroyed, sold off or sent back to the “breed farms” to be spawned out before allowed the peace of death. Pit bulls are abandoned, killed by sadistic people, dumped and labeled “bait dogs” when in fact many “bait dogs” are dogs that didn’t make the cut in the fight ring and are thrown away.The ave age of the pit bull in the shelters is 18 months…that’s the age of maturity. the dogs full potential in evaluated at 18-24 months.If they don’t make the cut they are culled. The 18 month old male pit bull is beginning to come into his own and if he isn’t a money make hes a throwaway. The dog hasn’t had the proper care for the first 18 months so there is fear or fierce. Frankly, I am shocked the attack numbers are so low for the pit bull. This breed shows a huge ability to overcome, forgive, recover and become well adjusted family dogs, despite their questionable beginnings.Just as there are reasons you never see greyhound puppies in shelters, in newspapers ads or offered for sale anywhere, there are reasons you will very rarely come across a pit bull in a shelter or in a newspaper over the age of 5 years. Most are dead before their fifth year.Do you see my theory? One is industry is legal and even supported by government because it produced tax income (until lately when it began losing the states money so now they are adapting new laws) The other is also a gambling money producing industry but the government isn’t reaping any rewards (legally). Both huge breeding needs and culling needs, both cruel and harsh for the dogs. They share much in common but people can check that out if they are interested.

    • I agree with you on most of this. The evil, the greed, the reason for overpopulation, it is ridiculously sad and we are losing the bloodlines that are the reason the Pit Bull is so great. However I believe the reason you see so many Pit Bulls in shelters rather than Greyhounds is because Pit Bulls are what thugs want. Fighters, over-breeders, and crooks breed them on the streets. Greyhounds aren’t bred on the streets, and given to wealthier people. They have breeders who are paid a lot of money to breed Greyhounds, while a Pit Bull is a “quick buck”. I’m quite sure the Pit Bull population is way higher than Greyhounds as well, another reason you would see more. What do you think?

    • Greyhounds aren’t overbred by the thousands. There are only about 12,000 bred per year, which pales in comparison to the number of pit bulls bred in many US cities yearly, let along nationally.

      The reason you don’t see them in shelters very often is because their adoption and breeding is controlled, as part of the industry. Because Greyhounds are an investment (and indeed, they remain the racing owner’s property unless you acquire their blue slip), they aren’t just randomly distributed. Comparing them to pit bulls is like comparing apples to zucchini.

      • Yes I agree with most of your point. I tried to make this point in my other post, perhaps it wasn’t clear. It’s unfortunately to say randomly distributed, but that is the truth. A sad one at that.

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