Pit Bull Puppy Baited in Dog Fighting Ring


Pit Bull Puppy BaitThis is no new concept to Pit Bull fighters, but you may have never known some of the evil surrounding Pit Bull rings.  We’re all aware that they fight Pit Bulls, and they pin them against each other, but many aren’t aware of Puppy Baiting.

They take a Pit  Bull puppy, the smaller ones in litters (usually) and throw them in the ring to anger up Pit Bulls who aren’t aggressive enough for the fight.  The aggressive Pit Bulls will then tear up the puppy, sometimes into pieces and end up redirecting their anger toward each other.

If the Pit Bull Puppy is not mutilated in the ring, the owner will kill him, or abandon, because there is no use for the puppy.  Some of you may be angered as you read this, and you should be, but it is essential for Pit Bull haters to understand the insides of the killing of this breed.

It angers me to write this, with the images in my head, but many people are still convinced the breed is somehow a destructive breed on their own.  In this case, the newly named Kelly Pit Bull puppy was found with a broken jaw and scars that will last throughout her lifetime.  This is one of the luckiest of Pit Bull puppy baits.

There is no stat on survival for these baited Pit Bulls, but I guarantee you less then 10% survive.  Think about it.  This puppy is no longer of use for these inhumane people.  The puppies are going 1 of 3 ways.  They are either killed in the ring, killed by the owner, or abandoned after the fight, left for dead, because they no longer serve a purpose.

Kelly was found in Philadelphia by Animal Alliance of Lambertville, with large open wounds on her body, and her jaw bone was broken, and showing through her skin.  3 local vets have helped assisting in Kelly’s recovery.  They’re not sure what to expect with her recovery, after jaw surgery and much rehabilitation, but there will be recovery.

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  1. sometimes they throw the mother in with her puppies along with the dog in training. the mothers natural instinct is to harm anything that comes near her puppies, so she attacks.

    i often talk to my a local animal rescue,and i found out about this horrible thing.their rescue puppies had scarring and they couldnt adopt out the mother cause she was dog aggressive and very scarred, often frightened around humans.

    it makes me really really mad.

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