Pit Bull Spring Pole


Pit Bull Spring Pole

Many people out there would love to report their neighbor who has a Pit Bull  spring pole in their back yard, but most people don’t understand, a Pit Bull spring pole can be used for dog fighting, but many do not.  This is the same case scenario for guns.  Many people use them for good, and many do not.  While this wasn’t originally created for the purpose of dog fighting, it seems many people have adopted it for training.  This does not mean the average person cannot  own a Pit Bull  Spring Pole for the purpose of exercise for the dog.  Sometimes you can see multiple Pit Bulls on one Spring Pole without any sign of aggression towards the other dogs, or anyone else.  Pit Bulls love spring poles, it tires them out, and as long as they are not being abused, there should be no reason for this to be a harmful device.  If you wanna think about it like a toy, try to think of a Pit Bull spring pole as him playing tug of war with himself.  He will never win, but he loves it anyway.

  • I personally know a person who owns a Pit Bull spring pole, who use them for the sole purpose to tire his dog out.  This is a picture of this Pit Bull spring pole, and the Pit Bull, of the guy I know.  His dog plays with my Pit Bull, and that dog is on the Spring Pole multiple times in a week, which is by his six year old child all the time.  That dog has nothing but love and energy, which gives me the indication, a  Pit Bull spring pole is fine.
  • Though I have nothing wrong with a Pit Bull spring pole, I personally would not get one, for the soul purpose that my dog doesnt know what to do with one, and we don’t have a place to hang one.

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