Pit Bull Tied Up and Left to Die


People often speak about the “viciousness” of a Pit Bull. If we could only hear the voices of tortured Pit Bulls, we would hear way worse said about us.  In this case, a Pit Bull named Tatiana was hog-tied around her paws and mouth, while being left for dead in the freezing weather.  As if that weren’t enough Tatiana’s head was beaten in with a blunt object.  With a stroke of luck, a nearby homeowner named Ernest Moss found this poor dog alive.

Tatiana the Rescued Pit Bull

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Here are the eyes of a tortured soul.  This dog was treated worse then any human would ever want to be treated, yet some of us (humans) who treat them as if they feel no pain, or have no love to give.  If this is not an indication, that something needs to be done to the bad owners of Pit Bulls, then I do not know what is.  What could the Pit Bull have possibly done to deserve such horrible treatment.

“According to KSDK news, there was so much tape around the dog’s legs and snout that it took her rescuer 30 minutes to cut her free.”

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  1. Pitbulls have made mistakes (yes) but some might just want love and care but the people out there who post those horrible statements about pitbulls are people who need to think twice about what they do animal abuse is never the anwser….

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