U.S. WWI Posters

Pit Bull Info

WATCHFUL-WAITING: The Germans have their "Wacht am Rhein", the English play "God Save the King," The Frenchmen sing their "Marseillaise," while the Russians chant their National Hymm. Our spirit shuns this war-like ring: peace breathes in what we proudly sing. THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER give long may it wave, o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave. By these colors we stand ever true, THREE CHEERS FOR THE RED, WHITE, AND BLUE.

Pit Bulls were once a sign of pride and dignity of the United States, which is why they were used in these propaganda campaigns.  Their never-quit attitude that was represented by the breed, was a statement the United States sent around the world.  These dogs were once loved and cherished, the only thing that has changed is people.

Pit Bull Info
These Colors Dont Run. The American Watch Dog. We’re not looking for trouble but we’re ready for it.

The captions under the Pit Bull posters are the words displayed on them.  The words are very hard to read, so I have put them under the posters.

When you read the words, It’s clear how much pride Americans had making these posters, and if they can put that much pride into one breed back then, why do so many Americans hate them today?
One thing history has taught us, is that it tends to repeat itself.  Let’s hope we can come forward and bring this breed from it’s knees.

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  1. Μagnificent web site. Lots of useful information here.

    Ι’m sending it to some friends ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thanks in your effort!

  2. I have a 96 lb pitbull that is a theropy dog he visits the V.A. home in humboldt TN. and several other nursing home where He is very loved these elderly vets will defend the A.P.B.T. breed Rocky is a blessing to so miny people

  3. dave tunnell on

    I love the American watchdog poster. Do you know where i can find it or who the artist was? I have searched the internet for a copy of this with no luck

    • I have searched many places as well, and cannot seem to find any distributors of that poster. I’m sure somewhere buried in a WWI collection, lies one of these posters. The problem is how old it is. I’m not even sure if anyone has the rights to redistribute this poster, there seems to be no info on it. If I find any new information on this poster I will make sure the info gets to your email. Good luck and if you find it before me, please let me know, thanks.

    • Andie Desilets on

      I am also looking for a reprint of that particular poster if either one of you finds it or has found it I would love to know where

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