Pit Bulls and Children


Pit Bulls and ChildrenThis section is dedicated to informing you about how to have a Pit Bull around children, whether they’re yours or anyone elses.  This concept is very simple, if you have children, don’t stress.  Pit Bulls have no human aggressive tendencies.  With that and great training, chances are, you’ll never have any problems.Pit Bulls and Kids

No matter what I say, there will always be people who will say otherwise, with no real reason. These kind of people are the worst kind of people, because they will never try anything new.  They will tread through life going off everyone elses word, or what the media tells them.  The truth is you can never KNOW what something is like until you try it yourself.  I’m not saying to go out and buy a Pit Bull, but you should definitely meet a legitimate family who owns a Pit Bull, you just might change your mind.

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  1. I was going for the whole pit bulls are ok if they are raised gently and lovingly, because our neighbors who are lovely, gentle and very good to their pet people have a pit bull they love and have raised since a puppy (brand new!)
    on Dec. 14 I was walking down our lane, and the pit bull aggressively attacked me 🙁 for no reason at all.
    My neighbor thought her dog was totally safe and good and this SHOCKED Her. IT was the scariest experience for me and I was just thankful it was me and not my children and that I lived. But I have suffering a lot of trauma and fear/anxiety and this ruined my holidays entirely… it has been a horrible experience.
    It’s not the breeds fault. It comes down to breeding and genetics. Not how we treat the animals. There have been dogs bred with wolves nad they could NOT domesticate the dogs… that is because genetically they were wild…… does this makes sense to you pit bull supporters?
    We have to put the safety of our neighborhoods and society above the survival of this breed. It is sad, but it is fact.
    Plenty of safe dog breeds will protect a family and home and provide loyal loving companionship… sad that pit bulls were genetically built to be aggressive gamers and fighters, but it is what it is and we have to move to protect us all.

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    I really like puppies. I just got one particular a week ago and it has not been trained yet and has bitten me a few times but its nothing to be concerned about, i can train it effectively. I hope 🙂

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  4. Hi. We need to get our rescued mix to calm down around young children. He is all about the love, and through training he has become well behaved around adults and other dogs, but he gets too excited around little kids. We think the high pitch voices, their size and playful nature gets him excited (he is still at the tail end of being a puppy – almost 2). He will start yelping and lunging at them, not viciously but because he wants to play or at least satisfy his curiosity. We think part of the problem is we keep him on a tight leash near them so he is never allowed to get close enough to learn to be with them. But what parent would allow us to experiment with their child? Not many. What do we do? He needs to learn. I have nieces and nephews that we would like him to be around and we would like to have kids of our own in the next couple years.

    • OK, what I’m about to recommend may seem unorthodox, or you may think cruel. I have used it with my dog, and have had many other success stories using this method. This can be used by anybody, and does not require special training, but should not be abused. A dog training collar (Shock Collar) is something to consider. When you use it, do not abuse the shock. There are usually levels of power from the shock. Mine has a 1-5 scale, and I used the 2 for my dog (who is now 76 pounds). There is usually a warning beep for the shock collar as well. There should be a Shock and a Beep button for the collar. Here is what you should do. Wait for the dog to do something wrong, and give him a shock. Let him know what he’s doing is wrong. From there he will know that the collar is the cause of the discomfort. He could try to take it off, which should not be a problem, but sometimes could slip off. It is no big deal, just tighten it up a bit. When he knows the collar is the cause of the shock, you can start to solely rely on the warning beep, so that he does not actually receive pain. I only had to use the shock on my dog three times, before he knew the beeping sound was enough. You must remember not to just shock him. Give him a firm NO, or an alternative command that suits you, like stop, or enough, as you shock him. Don’t scold, as that can often leave the dog with trauma, or fear of you. The objective is to build obedience and trust, and that cannot happen through fear. My dog is no longer using the shock collar, because he does not need it. I can tell him NO, firmly, and he knows. Make sure you do not put the Shock Level up too high, as this can hurt your dog. The shock needs to be just enough to cause discomfort. You do not want the dog jumping in the air with pain. If you think this could be a lot of money, it can be, but you have to consider the price of obedience training. There’s nothing wrong with obedience training, some people prefer it, but I got my shock collar for 69.99 USD, which is better then the 150.00 USD classes I have seen locally. If you get the shock collar, be sure to get one with a remote. Some shock collars shock, when the dog barks. That’s not effective, because you cannot correct the dog, which does not build that bond. When you have a controller, you control when the dog gets shocked. I really hope this helped, and good luck with this.

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