Are Your Kids Safe?


Pit BullYes.  You have to understand that Pit Bulls are not naturally aggressive towards humans.  Now of course the Pit Bull should be raised by a well loved family, otherwise, you’ve got a better chance of the Pit Bull licking them to death.  If the kid starts to play with the dog, the dog is going to get excited.Pit Bull

It’s going to jump around, it’s going to run, and if your kid trips or falls, you may see that as a hostile attack.  The dog sometimes has no idea that it was doing wrong, it simply feels it was playing around.  It is usually out of no hostile manner.  Take that into accordance before you punish the Pit Bull.  Now if you are bringing a baby into the house, this is different.  I will be addressing this on a whole different post, and I will tell you why you hear about Pit Bulls attacking babies.  Subscribe to our RSS, this will be coming soon.

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