Pit Bulls Pulling Weight


weight pull pitbullMany people think that weight pulling is bad for Pit Bull’s, or maybe are suspicious of what could happen.  Well, it’s not dangerous, unless you are in dangerous conditions, in which case weight pulling can be dangerous.  It can be dangerous for you and the Pit Bull.  This is very infrequent and is very preventable.  Weight pulling is safe, but can be dangerous just like anything else in the world.  By dangerous, I mean, the harness could be faulty and break, or the dog could get hurt, but these are highly unlikely.  Not every dog is going to be good for weight pulling, or will like weight pulling, so don’t try to force them.  You need know, time and money will need to be sacrificed.  I say money, mostly because if you live in a area with a little amount of Pit Bull weight pulling, you might have to travel to get to a meeting, or competition.

1. Weight Pulling is like an investment.

You have to give your time and money, as stated above.

2. Pit Bull’s pulling weights is safe.

Think about humans and when they lift weights just like weight pulling for dogs.  They lift weights for an hour, most times.  The Pit Bull, will only have to lift for short sessions.  This is a way for them to keep their muscle up, as well as gives them a social boost, by taking them to the community for it.  So this can be healthy unless you do too much weight.

3. Weight Pulling can be fun and exciting.

This is a fun and exciting way for you to meet other Pit Bull owners too.


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