Pregnant Pit Bull Rescued from Drain


Pit Bull/Lab mix found herself stuck about 20 feet in a water pipe.  Authorities were not aware of the Pit Bulls pregnancy until she was recovered.  Firefighters, and water district workers, helped guide the pregnant Pit Bull out of the pipe.

There was no blocker gate on the end of the pipe, which made it easy for the Pit Bull to get in there.  She was trapped in some debris build up, but she was able to make it back out, with the help of the professionals.

Rescued Pregnant Pit Bull

Animal Control Officer Daniel Hawks and the pregnant dog he helped rescue Tuesday from a water pipe.

This story does not directly show the irresponsibility of owners, but if you ask the right questions, you can find it.  No owner has yet claimed this Pit Bull, but what must be understood is this Pit Bull was roaming around pregnant.  If the mother had these Pit Bull puppies in the wild, assuming they survived, there would be about 8 more Pit Bulls now on the street, completely wild, with no humans to help train them.

Thousands of strays are born every day, due to the lack of responsible owners.  My neighbor told me the reason he hasn’t neutered his dog yet, is because he wants to mate him.  I have not neutered Rocky (my Pit Bull), because I have found no reason to.  He is properly fenced in, at all times, but my neighbors (two houses down) Pit Bull roams free often.  There’s nothing wrong with his Pit Bull (Rico), but he could at any point get another dog pregnant, and he’s added 8 or so Pit Bulls to the population.

This happens every day and owners aren’t prepared for the responsiblity that comes with it.  There’s puppies, you have to take care of the puppies (shots, food, proper bedding, etc.), and then you have to deal with the responsibility of getting these Pit Bull puppies to responsible owners.  Please, if for whatever reason you wish to breed your Pit Bull, make sure it’s for the right reasons, not just to get a few bucks.  Make sure it’s done correctly and consult professionals.

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