Pros and Cons to a Pit Bull Personality


Pros and Cons to a Pit Bulls PersonalityThe pros to a well-trained, decently bred Pit Bull outweigh any cons that can be summed up.

General Pit Bull Features:

  • Energetic
  • Strong and Athletic
  • Bonds deeply with their family
  • Very intelligent and self-confident
  • Loves People
  • Very loyal to family
  • Often perceived as tough (pro and a con)

These are Pros if:

You are always on the move, or an exercise buff or love to adventure with your dog. To know that a Pit Bull won’t break easily and still desire them is a great trait to have as a Pit Bull owner. Assuming your Pit Bull was properly socialized, you can take your dog along with your family on outings. You wouldn’t want them barking at passerby’s or attempting to chase every squirrel that passes you. Socializing and training can fix those issues.

These are Cons if:

You are already overwhelmed with work or are in general a lethargic person. You will see your dog as more of a bother than a playmate or friend. You decide your aggression can force their loyalty. They will probably still be loyal, but there will be no relationship. You plan on having a guard dog. Usually Pit Bulls will greet strangers with happiness. You must prove yourself loyal. Inviting a Pit Bull into your life and exiling them just as easy, would break their heart.

Never take for granted the great joy a Pit Bull can bring into your life. But you have to enjoy the same things your Pit Bull does. You cannot force a man to like a woman who looks great, but has the personality of a lump on a log.

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  1. I love pit bulls, my family members have several. Unfortunately I have a small apt. right now so I can’t adopt one yet! These dogs seem to be amazing with children. they are so strong so aren’t easily hurt by a child pulling on them. My sons and nephews have always been around these dogs. It says on here that they aren’t good guard dogs, but I disagree. They love their people so much, I know if anyone tried to hurt them in the dogs presence, they would protect to the end. When I was pregnant, my cousins dog wouldn’t leave my side- he knew the condition I was in! Very protective and intelligent and loving animals!!!

  2. I am absolutely disgusted by the terrible wrap these poor dogs have received. All because of a bunch of irresponsible, selfish, inconsiderate, small minded, ignorant, individuals! This animal is exactly like every other single animal and human being out there. If they are brought up, taught and forced to be violent then that is exactly how they will be! Use common sense people! If you repeatedly tell your child that lying and stealing is ok along with taking them to the grocery store and allowing them to see you do those things. Well then guess what? You reap what you sow, and you will indeed wind up with a grade a top of the line felon. Who will lie, cheat and steal his entire way through life, just like you taught him! The moral is, this specific breed of dog is no different than any other being out there!!

  3. Okay. To everyone who disses pitbulls:: I have 3 and they are not rude and bad. They are great if you treat them right. Maybe you guys that don’t have pitbulls and disses them, you should spend a day with one. They are not mean unless the owner treats them wrong. Get your facts straight..!

  4. Renda Luvaas on

    Another con…the stigma of being a pit bull owner. As a owner you need thick skin and the skills of a human resources director.Your dog and more than likely you as a owner will be shun and scorned. You will have to smile at the people who pick up their child and cross the street to avoid your dog. At the same
    time your heart will be breaking for your dog who loves children and is all wiggles with joy at the sight of one. Even one in the arms of a fearful uneducated assuming parent.

    • I am subject to this every day. People can be ignorant, but that’s something we have to deal with. Sometimes it’s not worth it to argue with someone who will never see a Pit Bull as a beautiful animal. However I can see where they’re coming from. All the news does is tear down on Pit Bulls. For example (stupid people), they brought an abused and rescued Pit Bull on the tv show a while back. These dogs go through hell, and the lady sticks her face in the Pits face for it to kiss her. HELLO, this dog was abused, and you don’t know him. She got bit and it happens. But of course the news would just say a newswoman “bitten in face by a Pit Bull.”

    • I have adopted 2 in Ontario Canada . Most around here love my dogs as they have proved they are great with people and animals , the few that do not like take off when they see me coming , which is the way I like it.

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