Sergeant Stubby


Sergeant StubbyStubby was found by John Robert Conroy in 1917.  When Conroy’s unit shipped out to France, Stubby was smuggled onto the USS Minnesota.  He was the only dog to be promoted to sergeant through combat.  Sergeant Stubby was known as the most decorated war dog, to of ever served in the military.  He served in the 102th infantry, 26th Yankee Division in the trenches of France for 18 months.  He was involved in 17 battles, and 4 offensives.  He entered combat on February 5, 1918, and being under constant fire, eventually was wounded in his foreleg, by a German hand grenade. While injured he improved morale, among the injured people in the hospital he was in.  When he recovered he returned to the trenches.  Through being gassed, he learned to warn everyone else when gas attacks were coming.  He would locate men in “No Man’s Land”, which as you could guess by the name, was a very dangerous place.  He frequently warned men of incoming fire, due to his superior hearing, this gave the men time to duck for cover.  He captured a German Spy by himself in the Argonne.  Women made a jacket for him to wear his many medals, awarded by the military.  When the war was over, one of the men in war smuggled Stubby back to the U.S.

Pit Bull Sergeant Stubby

These are the medals he was awarded.

  • 3 Service Stripes
  • Yankee Division YD Patch
  • French Medal Battle of Verdun
  • 1st Annual American Legion Convention Medal
  • New Haven WW1 Veterans Medal
  • Republic of France Grande War Medal
  • St Mihiel Campaign Medal
  • Wound Stripe, replaced with the Purple Heart when introduced in 1932
  • Chateau Thierry Campaign Medal
  • 6th Annual American Legion Convention
  • Humane Education Society Gold Medal

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